International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, monthly, online journal published by Sumathi Publications. rss//rss/ijmrhs-volume-5-issue-7-year-2016.xml International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences Volume 5, Issue 7 medical-research/macroanatomy-of-the-azygos-vein-a-comparative-description-between-human-dog-and-sheep.pdf Macroanatomy of the Azygos Vein A Comparative Description between Human Dog and Sheep Mohsen Zhaleh, Nader Goodarzi, Mohammad Mahdi Zangeneh, Akram Zangeneh and Hossein Zhaleh medical-research/influence-of-climatic-parameters-on-the-distribution-of-air-pollutants-and-public-health-in-annaba-east-of-algeria.pdf Influence of climatic parameters on the distribution of air pollutants and public health in Annaba East of Algeria Terfaya Moncef, Djebar Mohammed Reda and Berrabah Houria medical-research/cavernous-haemangioma-a-case-report.pdf Cavernous Haemangioma A Case Report Sunil Kumar Sharma medical-research/a-cervical-ranula-a-case-report.pdf A Cervical Ranula A Case Report Sunil Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Singhal and Ragesh VG medical-research/a-rare-case-of-mounierkuhn-syndrome-with-bronchial-asthma.pdf A rare case of MounierKuhn syndrome with bronchial asthma Joshi Tanay, Songara Ashwin, Vyas Shibani , Chouhan Bhupendra, Gurudutta Ekjot and Chandelkar Arun medical-research/a-case-of-typical-right-ventricular-endomyocardial-fibrosis.pdf A case of typical right ventricular endomyocardial fibrosis K. Venkatesan, M. S. Ravi, N. Swaminathan, G. Palanisamy, G. Ravishankar and S. Saravana Babu medical-research/comparison-of-the-effect-of-caffeine-containing-energy-drink-and-glucon-d-on-auditory-and-visual-reaction-time.pdf Comparison of the effect of caffeine containing energy drink and Glucon D on auditory and visual reaction time Viswanathan Shanti and Dube Manjree medical-research/prevalence-of-ampc-type-extended-spectrum-beta-lactamases-genes-in-clinical-samples-of-ecoli-isolated-from-poultry-and-h.pdf Prevalence of AmpC type extended spectrum beta lactamases genes in clinical Samples of Ecoli Isolated from Poultry and Humans Elham Farrokhnazar, Soheila Moradi Bidhendi, and Sajedeh Karimi medical-research/demographic-psychological-and-medical-characteristics-of-110-yearold-children-with-autism-a-systematic-review-of-archiva.pdf Demographic Psychological and Medical Characteristics of 110 Yearold Children with Autism A Systematic Review of Archival Records Bahareh Eskandari, Hamidreza Pouretamad, Mojtaba Habibi Asgarabad and Fatemeh Taki medical-research/evaluation-of-serum-biochemical-profile-of-breast-cancer-patients.pdf Evaluation of serum biochemical profile of breast cancer patients Chauhan P, Yadav R, Kaushal V and Beniwal P medical-research/effectiveness-of-death-education-program-by-methods-of-didactic-experiential-and-8a-model-on-the-reduction-of-death-dist.pdf Effectiveness of death education program by methods of didactic experiential and 8A model on the reduction of death distress among nurses Mahboubeh Dadfar, Ali Asghar Asgharnejad Farid, David Lester, Mohammad Kazem Atef Vahid and Behrooz Birashk medical-research/prevalence-of-lactamases-in-clinical-isolates-of-enterobacter-cloacae-in-the-west-bankpalestine.pdf Prevalence of lactamases in clinical isolates of Enterobacter cloacae in the West BankPalestine Ghaleb Adwan, Doa'a Rabaya, Kamel Adwan and Suhaila Al-Sheboul medical-research/the-pathophysiological-effects-of-acrylamide-in-albino-wister-rats.pdf The Pathophysiological Effects of Acrylamide in Albino Wister Rats Shler Akram Faqe Mahmood, Kawa Amin, Heshu Sulaiman Rahman and Hemn Hassan Othman medical-research/the-impact-of-cigarette-smoking-on-lung-function-in-smokers-with-differences-in-their-nicotine-dependency.pdf The impact of cigarette smoking on lung function in smokers with differences in their nicotine dependency Glad Mohesh MI, Sundaramurthy A and Prema Sembulingam medical-research/cooccurrence-of-gardnerellavaginalis-and-candida-sp-in-women-with-and-without-vulvovaginitis.pdf Cooccurrence of Gardnerellavaginalis and Candida sp in women with and without vulvovaginitis Jos�?�?�?© Eleut�?�?�?©rio Junior, Ana Katherinne Gon�?�?�?§alves de Oliveira, Paulo C�?�?�?©sar Giraldo, Ana Beatriz Gordiano, Fernanda Queiroz, Renata M�?�?�?­rian Nunes Eleut�?�?�?©rio and Iara Moreno Linhares medical-research/community-empowering-models-to-gout-management-a-study-among-indonesian-cadres-and-elderly.pdf Community empowering models to gout management A study among Indonesian cadres and elderly Saryono, Eni Rahmawati and Atikah Proverawati medical-research/comparative-antistress-effect-of-vitis-vinifera-and-withania-somnifera-using-unpredictable-chronic-mild-stress-model-in-.pdf Comparative antistress effect of Vitis vinifera and Withania somnifera using unpredictable chronic mild stress model in rats Manish Pal Singh, Sushma Vashisht, Viney Chawla and Pratikshita Mishra medical-research/fatal-outcomes-in-third-ventricular-colloid-cyst-analysis-of-cases-review-of-literature-with-emphasis-on-prompt-interven.pdf Fatal outcomes in Third Ventricular Colloid Cyst Analysis of Cases Review of literature with emphasis on prompt intervention in Emergency Department to reduce case fatality rates Das Sudha, Sen Kamal and Shetty Sachin