International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, monthly, online journal published by Sumathi Publications. rss//rss/ijmrhs-volume-6-issue-4-year-2017.xml International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences Volume 6, Issue 4 medical-research/diabetes-mellitus-among-selected-malaysian-population-a-crosssectional-study.pdf Diabetes Mellitus among Selected Malaysian Population A CrossSectional Study Redhwan A Al-Naggar, Muhamed T Osman, Nurhuda Ismail, Zaliha Ismail, Nor Aini Mohd Noor, Nik Shamsidah binti Nik Ibrahim, Aimi Nadira Mat Ruzlin, and Mohamad Ikhsan Bin Selamat medical-research/a-rare-case-report-of-subcutaneous-mycoses-by-rhytidhysteron-rufulum.pdf A Rare Case Report of Subcutaneous Mycoses by Rhytidhysteron Rufulum Yadav Sarita, Agarwal Ruchi, Chander Jagdish and Chowdhary Anuradha medical-research/synthetic-antimalarial-maculopathy-a-case-report.pdf Synthetic Antimalarial Maculopathy A Case Report Aziz El Ouafi, Fatine El Alami, and Abdelkader Laktaoui medical-research/prevalence-of-viral-hepatitis-a-b-and-c-among-haemophilic-children.pdf Prevalence of Viral Hepatitis A B and C among Haemophilic Children Mohammed Salah Ali, Mohammed Sayed Hemeda, Ahmed Mohesn Abd El-hakem and Kamel Soliman Hammad medical-research/ulcerative-colitis-psychosocial-factors-involved.pdf Ulcerative Colitis Psychosocial Factors Involved Cornelia Rada, Mihai Andrei, Cristian Tieranu, Alexandru Teodor Ispas, Carmen C. Diaconu and Adina Baciu medical-research/comparative-evaluation-of-invitro-doripenem-susceptibility-with-other-carbapenem-antibiotics-among-gram-negative-bacteri.pdf Comparative Evaluation of InVitro Doripenem Susceptibility with Other Carbapenem Antibiotics among Gram Negative Bacterial Isolates Obtained from VAP Patients in a SuperSpeciality Hospital A Pilot Study Mohit Bhatia, Poonam Sood Loomba, Bibhabati Mishra, and Vinita Dogra medical-research/osteoporosis-knowledge-and-beliefs-among-jordanian-men-at-karak-city.pdf Osteoporosis Knowledge and Beliefs Among Jordanian Men at Karak City Diala Altwalbeh medical-research/case-reports-of-cat-scratch-disease-with-typical-and-atypical-clinical-manifestations-a-literature-review.pdf Case Reports of Cat Scratch Disease with Typical and Atypical Clinical Manifestations A Literature Review Gulshan Umbreen and Chanda Jabeen medical-research/effects-of-high-intensity-interval-training-on-plasma-levels-of-gh-and-igfi.pdf Effects of High Intensity Interval Training on Plasma Levels of GH and IGFI Seyyed Mahmoud Hejazi medical-research/value-added-eggs-seem-a-good-option-for-improving-blood-omega6-omega3-ratio-and-heart-health.pdf Value Added Eggs Seem a Good Option for Improving Blood Omega6 Omega3 Ratio and Heart Health Shahida A. Khan, MV Hegde, UV Wagh, Aziz Khan, and Rehana Jamadar medical-research/causes-of-maternal-mortality-autopsy-results.pdf Causes of Maternal Mortality Autopsy Results Leila Neisani Samani, Tanaz Agha Jamali, Hamidreza Danesh Parvar, Zahra Behboudi Moghadam and Fatameh Agha Hoseini medical-research/assessment-of-urinary5hydroxyindolacetic-acid-as-a-diagnostic-parameter-in-early-detection-of-acute-appendicitis.pdf Assessment of Urinary5Hydroxyindolacetic Acid as A Diagnostic Parameter in Early Detection of Acute Appendicitis Zuhair B Kamal, Raghad E Naji, Raid M Eessee and Yousif A Abdulghafoor medical-research/assessment-of-risk-factor-of-ncd-in-nachangaon-village-at-wardha-district.pdf Assessment of Risk Factor of NCD in Nachangaon Village at Wardha District Pallavi Gawande, Smrutiranjan Nayak, Abhay Mudey, and Ashish Nagrale medical-research/incidence-of-acute-renal-failure-in-birth-asphyxia-and-its-correlation-with-hypoxic-ischemic-encephalopathy-hie.pdf Incidence of Acute Renal Failure in Birth Asphyxia and its Correlation with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy HIE Sugunakar Reddy B, Narayan Reddy U, Jakkampudi Nagasravani and Mohd Nasir Mohiuddin medical-research/polymorphisms-of-hla-class-i-and-ii-alleles-in-iraqi-patients-with-hepatic-hydatid-infection.pdf Polymorphisms of HLA Class I and II Alleles in Iraqi Patients with Hepatic Hydatid Infection Al-Ghurabi Batool H, Raheem Samir S, Al-Taie Lazim H, and Abbas Ahmed A medical-research/management-of-lipodermoid-in-hemifacial-microsomia-of-oav-dysplasia-rare-case-report.pdf Management of Lipodermoid in Hemifacial Microsomia of OAV Dysplasia Rare Case Report Shegaonkar SH medical-research/effect-of-bowen-technique-versus-muscle-energy-technique-on-asymptomatic-subjects-with-hamstring-tightness-a-randomized-.pdf Effect of Bowen Technique versus Muscle Energy Technique on Asymptomatic Subjects with Hamstring Tightness A Randomized Clinical Trial Vijay Kage, Farhana Bootwala and Gayatri Kudchadkar medical-research/dry-fruits-and-diabetes-mellitus.pdf Dry Fruits and Diabetes Mellitus Khan Sohaib A, Qurrat-ul-Ain, Khan Madiha, Khan Mudassir A, Muhammad Sikander Ghayas Khan and Ghayas Rabia medical-research/cynodon-dactylon-rhizome-extract-decreases-the-cardiovascular-biomarkers-cardiac-troponin-i-and-homocysteine-and-adenosi.pdf Cynodon dactylon Rhizome Extract Decreases the Cardiovascular Biomarkers Cardiac Troponin I And Homocysteine and Adenosine Deaminase Activity in StreptozotocinInduced Diabetes Mellitus in Rats Kaveh Azimzadeh and Farid Digale