International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, monthly, online journal published by Sumathi Publications. rss//rss/ijmrhs-volume-7-issue-3-year-2018.xml International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences Volume 7, Issue 3 medical-research/effects-of-environmental-radioactive-pollution-on-the-cardiovascular-systems-of-ural-region-residents-a-comparative-stud.pdf Effects of Environmental Radioactive Pollution on the Cardiovascular Systems of Ural Region Residents A Comparative Study Ekaterina Konstantinova, Yuliya Shalaumova, Tatiana Maslakova, Anatoly Varaksin and Andrei Zhivoderov medical-research/investigation-of-rifampicin-resistance-outcome-among-tuberculosis-patients-visiting-two-major-health-facilities-in-port-.pdf Investigation of Rifampicin Resistance Outcome among Tuberculosis Patients Visiting Two Major Health Facilities in Port Harcourt in Niger Delta Wokem Gloria Ngozika, Azuonwu Obioma and Josiah Nkereawaji Appollus medical-research/salivary-levels-of-neurotoxic-versus-neuroprotective-indices-underpin-the-aberrant-response-to-psychological-stress-in-s.pdf Salivary Levels of Neurotoxic Versus Neuroprotective Indices Underpin the Aberrant Response to Psychological Stress in Schizophrenic Patients Mahmood Nawfal A, Hasan Najat A and Abduljabbar Uday K medical-research/effect-of-weight-and-nonweight-bearing-quadriceps-exercises-versus-weightbearing-quadriceps-exercises-on-patellofemoral-.pdf Effect of Weight and NonWeight Bearing Quadriceps Exercises Versus WeightBearing Quadriceps Exercises on Patellofemoral Pain Quadriceps Strength and Functional Ability A Randomized Clinical Trial Saitej Kolukula Naidu and Vijay Kage medical-research/stability-and-change-in-diagnosis-of-autism-spectrum-disorder-over-time-among-toddlers.pdf Stability and Change in Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Over Time Among Toddlers Selvakumar L, Prahbhjot Malhi and Pratibha Singhi medical-research/shear-bond-strength-and-excess-adhesive-surface-topography-of-different-bonding-systems-after-thermocycling-a-comparativ.pdf Shear Bond Strength and Excess Adhesive Surface Topography of Different Bonding Systems after Thermocycling A Comparative Invitro Study Sarah Dheyaa Abd and Mustafa M. Al-Khatieeb medical-research/the-impact-of-growth-and-development-of-slums-on-the-health-status-and-health-awareness-of-slum-dwellers.pdf The Impact of Growth and Development of Slums on the Health Status and Health Awareness of Slum Dwellers Tabrez Uz Zaman, H.D. Goswami and Yamin Hassan medical-research/hypersensitivity-to-acenocoumarol-revealing-a-homozygous-mutation-for-vkorc1--1639-g--a-and-vkorc1-1173-c--t-and-heteroz.pdf Hypersensitivity to Acenocoumarol Revealing a Homozygous Mutation for VKORC1 1639 G A and VKORC1 1173 C T and Heterozygous for CYP2C9 2 and CYP2C9 3 Abdelhak Elkhazraji, Sara Rharrit, Jean Uwingabiye, Hafid Zahid, Azeddine Ibrahimi and Nezha Messaoudi medical-research/pattern-of-accidents-in-children-less-than-14-years-in-abha-city-kingdom-of-saudi-arabia.pdf Pattern of Accidents in Children Less than 14 Years in Abha City Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Ahmad A. Alqahtani, Maram Mohammed A. Alshahrani, Norah Aedh Alfayi, Maha Mohammed Abdullah Alshahrani, Asma Mosfer Algahtani, Abdullah Mohammed A. Alawwad Alqahtani, Abdullah Saeed Almalki and Rishi Kumar Bharti medical-research/the-effect-of-lunar-cycle-on-the-frequency-of-birth-in-alelwiya-maternity-hospital-baghdad-2017.pdf The Effect of Lunar Cycle on the Frequency of Birth in AlElwiya Maternity Hospital Baghdad 2017 Talib Saddam Mohsin medical-research/denoising-of-arrhythmia-ecg-signals.pdf Denoising of Arrhythmia ECG Signals Alan S. Said Ahmad, Majd S. Matti, Omar A.M. ALhabib and Sabri Shaikhow medical-research/the-effect-of-aloe-vera-extract-on-adherence-of-candida-albicans-and-other-properties-of-heat-cure-denture-soft-lining-m.pdf The Effect of Aloe vera Extract on Adherence of Candida albicans and Other Properties of Heat Cure Denture Soft Lining Material Aseel Riyadh Abdulwahhab and Raghdaa Kareem Jassim medical-research/prevalence-of-metabolic-syndrome-in-adult-population-of-district-of-tetovo-in-the-northwest-region-of-the-republic-of-ma.pdf Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Adult Population of District of Tetovo in the Northwest Region of the Republic of Macedonia Atila Rexhepi, Nevzat Elezi and Ylber Jani medical-research/the-effect-of-wire-dimension-type-and-thickness-of-coating-layer-on-friction-of-coated-stainlesssteel-arch-wires.pdf The Effect of Wire Dimension Type and Thickness of Coating Layer on Friction of Coated StainlessSteel Arch Wires Ahmed Abdulhussain Abbas and Akram Faisal Alhuwaizi medical-research/evaluation-of-effect-of-air-abrasion-on-friction-and-surface-micromorphology-of-passive-stainless-steel-selfligated-brac.pdf Evaluation of Effect of Air Abrasion on Friction and Surface Micromorphology of Passive Stainless Steel SelfLigated Brackets An In Vitro Study Yasir Sate Mizhir and Sami K. Al-Joubori medical-research/effect-of-whitening-toothpastes-with-different-whitening-agents-on-the-color-stability-of-orthodontic-clear-elastic-liga.pdf Effect of Whitening Toothpastes with Different Whitening Agents on the Color Stability of Orthodontic Clear Elastic Ligatures Ghufran K Hussein and Shahbaa A Mohammed medical-research/dynamic-hip-and-cannulated-screws-in-fixation-of-adults-femoral-neck-fracture-a-comparative-study.pdf Dynamic Hip and Cannulated Screws in Fixation of Adults Femoral Neck Fracture A Comparative Study Adnan Essa Al-kelabi and Mustafa Shakir Mahmoud medical-research/evaluation-of-blood-donors-and-transfusion-transmitted-infections-and-their-association-with-abo-and-rh-blood-groups-in-.pdf Evaluation of Blood Donors and Transfusion Transmitted Infections and their Association with ABO and Rh Blood Groups in Unaizah Saudi Arabia A Retrospective Study Amer Abdulrahman Almaiman and Sulaiman Hamad Almaiman medical-research/effect-of-ganoderma-lucidum-reishi-on-hematological-parameters-in-wistar-rats.pdf Effect of Ganoderma lucidum Reishi on Hematological Parameters in Wistar Rats Hammad Ahmed and Muhammad Aslam medical-research/a-large-esophagus-covering-an-atrial-septal-defect-a-case-report.pdf A Large Esophagus Covering an Atrial Septal Defect A Case Report Randa Tabbah and Rachoin Rachoin medical-research/the-role-of-nucleocmp-as-an-adjuvant-agent-in-the-treatment-of-facial-palsy.pdf The Role of NucleoCMP as an Adjuvant Agent in the Treatment of Facial Palsy Zaid Al-Attar, Imad Hashim and Saad B. Nashtar medical-research/serum-uric-acid-as-a-predictor-of-perinatal-outcome-in-women-with-preeclampsia.pdf Serum Uric Acid as a Predictor of Perinatal Outcome in Women with PreEclampsia Jwan Muhammad Zangana and Awat Ibrahim Hamadamen medical-research/antioxidants-and-their-role-in-disease-management.pdf AntiOxidants and their Role in Disease Management Pingali Sridevi, Srujana Budde, Neeraja T, Bhagavan Raju M and Dattatreya Adapa medical-research/large-right-atrial-myxoma-associated-with-unexpected-large-abdominal-ascites.pdf Large Right Atrial Myxoma Associated with Unexpected Large Abdominal Ascites Sura Adnan Raheem, Ghazi F. Haji, Hasan Ali Farhan, Ali Najam and Ahmad Yousif