International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, monthly, online journal published by Sumathi Publications. rss//rss/ijmrhs-volume-7-issue-4-year-2018.xml International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences Volume 7, Issue 4 medical-research/high-dose-oxytocin-versus-low-dose-oxytocin-for-augmentation-of-labor-a-prospective-comparative-randomized-study.pdf High Dose Oxytocin Versus Low Dose Oxytocin for Augmentation of Labor A Prospective Comparative Randomized Study Mahalakshmi Neerukonda NVS, Shivraj More and Himabindu N medical-research/relationship-of-prolactin-serum-levels-and-breast-cancer-with-hematological-factors-among-cases-in-karbala-province-iraq.pdf Relationship of Prolactin Serum Levels and Breast Cancer with Hematological Factors Among Cases in Karbala Province Iraq Jaafar Kh. Ali, Salim H. Hassan and Salam A. Oleiwi medical-research/prevalence-of-allergic-rhinitis-among-students-of-university-of-hail-saudi-arabia.pdf Prevalence of Allergic Rhinitis Among Students of University of Hail Saudi Arabia Abdullah D Alotaibi, Mohammad Salem Alshammari, Abdullah Ahmed Alkhalaf, Hamoud Khalid Alshaya, Turki Ahmed Alghassab, Saleh Abdulrahman Alrusayni and Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed medical-research/prevalence-of-depression-in-iraqi-patients-with-systemic-sclerosis-and-its-relationship-with-disease-severity.pdf Prevalence of Depression in Iraqi Patients with Systemic Sclerosis and Its Relationship with Disease Severity Faiq I. Gorial and Roaa Naji Swady medical-research/risk-factors-of-pneumonia-among-children-under-5-years-at-a-pediatric-hospital-in-sudan.pdf Risk Factors of Pneumonia Among Children Under 5 Years at a Pediatric Hospital in Sudan Siham M.O. Gritly, Mohamed Osman Elamin, Hatim Rahimtullah, Abdikani Y. Haji Ali, Abdi Hassan Dhiblawe Yabarow, Ebtihal A. Mohamed and Hamed Ademola Adetunji medical-research/examining-relationships-among-wellbeing-leisure-satisfaction-life-satisfaction-and-happiness.pdf Examining Relationships Among Wellbeing Leisure Satisfaction Life Satisfaction and Happiness Metin Argan, Mehpare Tokay Argan and Mehmet Tahir Dursun medical-research/the-effect-of-early-targeting-fibroblast-growth-factor-23-and-microalbuminuria-by-using-phosphate-binders-in-diabetic-ne.pdf The Effect of Early Targeting Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 and Microalbuminuria by Using Phosphate Binders in Diabetic Nephropathy Deterioration Ismael S. Abed Karkosh, Ali M. Hadi, Hayder Chasib Assad and Haider Mehdi Mueen medical-research/prevalence-of-smoking-and-its-associated-factors-among-male-college-students-in-abha-kingdom-of-saudi-arabia-a-crosssect.pdf Prevalence of Smoking and Its Associated Factors Among Male College Students in Abha Kingdom of Saudi Arabia A CrossSectional Study Mohammed Al-Mohaithef and Sriram Chandramohan medical-research/assessment-of-lung-epithelial-cytological-changes-associated-with-air-pollution-in-hail-industrial-area-in-saudi-arabia.pdf Assessment of Lung Epithelial Cytological Changes Associated with Air Pollution in Hail Industrial Area in Saudi Arabia Fawaz D. Alshammari, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed, Gamal Mohammed Alawad and Hani Abdoalsamiaa medical-research/ischemic-heartstroke-resting-ecg-changes-in-patients-of-duhok-in-iraq.pdf Ischemic HeartStroke Resting ECG Changes in Patients of Duhok in Iraq Alan S Said Ahmad, Omar AM Al-Habib and Sabri Shaikhow medical-research/investigating-healthcare-workers-experience-after-a-needle-stick-injury-at-a-tertiary-hospital-in-makkah-region-in-saudi.pdf Investigating Healthcare Workers Experience after a Needle Stick Injury at a Tertiary Hospital in Makkah Region in Saudi Arabia A Qualitative Assessment Manal Al-Gethamy, Hamed Adetunji, Shazra Abbas and Duaa Al-Qatabi medical-research/an-invitro-study-of-the-load-deflection-characteristics-of-the-thermal-wires-immersed-in-different-fluoride-prophylactic.pdf An Invitro Study of the Load Deflection Characteristics of the Thermal Wires Immersed in Different Fluoride Prophylactic Agents Sami K. Al-Joubori and Rawaa Saadoon Hashim medical-research/a-pharmacoepidemiological-study-of-cardiovascular-drugs-in-intensive-cardiac-care-unit-patients-in-a-tertiary-care-hospi.pdf A Pharmacoepidemiological Study of Cardiovascular Drugs in Intensive Cardiac Care Unit Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital Madiha Nooreen, Maryam P, Hafsah Hani, Ayesha Habeeb and Saima Aziz medical-research/a-study-to-assess-the-effectiveness-of-structured-teaching-programme-on-renal-diet-on-the-chronic-kidney-disease-patient.pdf A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Renal Diet on the Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Attending Tertiary Care Centre Rajeena Enoch, Janet Lobo and Arijit Kumar Ghosh medical-research/knowledge-attitude-and-practice-of-pharmacovigilance-in-healthcare-professionals-and-medical-students-in-majmaah-saudi-a.pdf Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Pharmacovigilance in Healthcare Professionals and Medical Students in Majmaah Saudi Arabia Care Centre Naser Ashraf Tadvi, Ali Ahmed Alromaih, Ahmed Abdulrahman Aldahash, Ali Abdulkarim Almuhesseny, Salman Hathal Alotaibi, Ibrahim Saad Alduhayshi, Ahmed Sayyaf Alrukimi and Waqas Sami medical-research/long-term-effects-of-lowfrequency-magnetic-field-therapy-in-treatment-patients-with-low-back-pain.pdf Long Term Effects of LowFrequency Magnetic Field Therapy in Treatment Patients with Low Back Pain Nermeen M. Abdelhalim and Ahmed F. Samhan medical-research/effect-of-motor-control-exercise-on-swiss-ball-and-pnf-technique-on-non-specific-low-back-pain.pdf Effect of Motor Control Exercise on Swiss Ball and PNF Technique on Non Specific Low Back Pain Sapna Malla