International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, monthly, online journal published by Sumathi Publications. rss//rss/ijmrhs-volume-7-issue-8-year-2018.xml International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences Volume 7, Issue 8 medical-research/the-effect-of-parsley-in-the-treatment-of-uti-in-iraqi-patients.pdf The Effect of Parsley in the Treatment of UTI in Iraqi Patients Saad B. Nashtar, Imad Hashim and Zaid Al-Attar medical-research/in-vivo-study-of-the-effect-of-local-application-of-melatonin-and-betatricalcium-phosphate-on-healing-of-experimentally-.pdf In vivo Study of the Effect of Local Application of Melatonin and BetaTricalcium Phosphate on Healing of Experimentally Induced Bone Defect Muhanad Tareq Jehad and Ban A. Ghani medical-research/cardiovascular-disease-risk-behaviors-of-nursing-students-in-nursing-school.pdf Cardiovascular Disease Risk Behaviors of Nursing Students in Nursing School Nuray Turan, G├?┬╝ls├?┬╝n ├?┬?zdemir Ayd├?┬▒n, Nurten Kaya medical-research/reinforcement-of-heat-cured-denture-base-material-with-combination-of-silanized-polyamide-and-polyester-fibers-and-its-e.pdf Reinforcement of Heat Cured Denture Base Material with Combination of Silanized Polyamide and Polyester Fibers and its Effect on Some Mechanical Properties Zainab S. Abdullah Abdalbasit A. Fatihallah and Ghasak H Jani medical-research/diagnostic-value-of-mean-platelets-volume-in-ankylosing-spondylitis-as-a-predictor-of-disease-activity.pdf Diagnostic Value of Mean Platelets Volume in Ankylosing Spondylitis as a Predictor of Disease Activity Faiq I. Gorial medical-research/immunohistochemical-staining-of-her2-vegf-er-and-pr-in-breast-tissues-from-sudanese-patients.pdf Immunohistochemical Staining of HER2 VEGF ER and PR in Breast Tissues from Sudanese Patients Hala Ahmed Abdeladi, Mohammed Elimam Ahamed Mohammed and Mohammed Ahmed Eltayeb medical-research/review-of-a-safety-assessment-in-mice-administered-a-dietary-supplement-containing-aegeline-oxyelite-pro-new-formula.pdf Review of a Safety Assessment in Mice Administered a Dietary Supplement Containing Aegeline OxyELITE Pro New Formula Cyril Willson medical-research/prevalence-of-head-lice-pediculus-humanus-capitis-infestation-among-pupils-in-elementary-schools-in-makkah-saudi-arabia.pdf Prevalence of Head Lice Pediculus humanus capitis Infestation among Pupils in Elementary Schools in Makkah Saudi Arabia Khalil Mohamed, Amir Elmubarak, Dina Zaghloul, Malak Zahrani, Mona Jefri, Khadija Alfaqih, Marah Ashi, Maram Alnefaie, Amena Alkinani, Abdullah Alhazmi, Mohand Jafar and Ahmad Babalghith medical-research/the-effect-of-exercise-reflexology-and-chrome-on-metabolic-syndrome.pdf The Effect of Exercise Reflexology and Chrome on Metabolic Syndrome Fatma Arslan, ├?┬?efika Dilek G├?┬╝ven, Ay├?┬?eg├?┬╝l ├?┬?zcan, H├?┬╝samettin Vatansev and ├?┬?zden Ta├?┬?gin medical-research/salivary-constituent-in-relation-to-dental-caries-among-coffeeshop-workers-in-najaf-cityiraq.pdf Salivary Constituent in Relation to Dental Caries among CoffeeShop Workers in Najaf CityIraq Amjed M Sahib and Nada Jafer MH. Radhi medical-research/management-of-the-periodontal-pocket-by-the-platelets-rich-plasma.pdf Management of the Periodontal Pocket by the Platelets Rich Plasma Lubaba A. Abdul Ameer, Zainab J. Raheem, Saif Saadedeen Abdulrazaq, Basima Gh. Ali, Maysaa Mahdi Nasser and Azza Wala Aldeen Khairi medical-research/cultural-competence-of-nursing-faculty-in-indonesia.pdf Cultural Competence of Nursing Faculty in Indonesia Yakobus Siswadi, Dewi Prabawati, Justina Purwarini and Henny Pongantung medical-research/standard-birth-measures-and-their-conditional-expectations-in-the-northern-part-of-jordan.pdf Standard Birth Measures and their Conditional Expectations in the Northern Part of Jordan Ali. A. A Rawabdeh, Jamal Abu-Doleh, Samir Balss and Rami M. Tubaishat medical-research/physical-activities-among-adults-with-a-special-focus-in-saudi-arabia.pdf Physical Activities among Adults with a Special Focus in Saudi Arabia Khaled Freeh Aoudah Alnawaimiss, Naser Sultan Meshal Alshammry, Hamad Turki Alshammari, Yousef Ateeg Awad Alsadi, Saud Abdulaziz Alhuwayfi, Alharbi, Abdulaziz Farhan T, Hamad Turky Hamad Alrasheedi, Khalif Khalif Alenzi, Zaid Awad Hamoud Alshammari, Abdulmajeed Saud Altamimi and Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed medical-research/gingival-health-of-internally-displaced-children-living-in-baghdad-camps.pdf Gingival Health of Internally Displaced Children living in Baghdad Camps Athraa M. Alwaheb and Akram F. Alhuwaizi medical-research/prediction-of-accuracy-for-hepatocellular-carcinoma-patients-using-cluster-based-feature-ranking.pdf Prediction of Accuracy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients using Cluster based Feature Ranking Preetam Pal, Birmohan Singh and Manpreet Kaur medical-research/association-of-adiponectin-with-gastroesophageal-reflux-disease.pdf Association of Adiponectin with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Huda S. H. Al-Khalidy medical-research/use-of-lactate-and-base-excess-as-a-tool-for-predicting-prognosis-in-emergency-care-patientsa-retrospective-cohort-study.pdf Use of Lactate and Base Excess as a Tool for Predicting Prognosis in Emergency Care PatientsA Retrospective Cohort Study Salfi PK, Ashok Kumar and Ajit Alfred Solomon medical-research/pattern-of-childhood-seizure-disorder-and-interictal-electroencephalographic-correlates-among-children-in-sokoto-nigeria.pdf Pattern of Childhood Seizure Disorder and InterIctal Electroencephalographic Correlates among Children in Sokoto Nigeria Ahmad MM, Ahmed H, Jiya NM, Baba J, Abubakar M, Yusuf A, Abubakar FI and Ahmed HK medical-research/assessment-of-metal-ions-released-from-orthodontic-miniimplants-in-fluoridated-mouthwashes.pdf Assessment of Metal Ions Released from Orthodontic MiniImplants in Fluoridated Mouthwashes Hasanain H. Abboodi and Dhiaa Jaafar Nasir Al-Dabagh medical-research/knowledge-levels-of-nursing-students-on-disaster-nursing-and-their-state-of-disaster-preparedness.pdf Knowledge Levels of Nursing Students on Disaster Nursing and Their State of Disaster Preparedness Funda Ozpulat and Esma Kabasakal