International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, monthly, online journal published by Sumathi Publications. rss//rss/ijmrhs-volume-8-issue-1-year-2019.xml International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences Volume 8, Issue 1 medical-research/implementation-and-evaluation-of-casebased-learning-approach-in-microbiology-and-immunology.pdf Implementation and Evaluation of CaseBased Learning Approach in Microbiology and Immunology Mohan Sannathimmappa, Vinod Nambiar, and Rajeev Arvindakshan medical-research/impact-of-human-milk-interleukin-6-in-lactating-mothers-with-chronic-periodontitis-on-infants-growth.pdf Impact of Human Milk Interleukin 6 in Lactating Mothers with Chronic Periodontitis on Infants Growth Liqa Sabah Hassan and Ban Sahib Diab medical-research/the-effect-of-nutritional-status-on-the-occlusion-of-primary-dentition-among-iraqi-preschool-children.pdf The Effect of Nutritional Status on the Occlusion of Primary Dentition among Iraqi Preschool Children Meena O. Abdul Wadood and Muna Saleem Khalaf medical-research/quantifying-the-soft-tissue-profile-by-two-different-methods-in-iraqi-adults-a-comparative-study.pdf Quantifying the Soft Tissue Profile by Two Different Methods in Iraqi Adults A Comparative Study Shahbaa A. Mohammed, Jinan Eliwey Saloom, Hiba Mohammed Hussien and Esraa Salman Jasim medical-research/the-effect-of-die-spacer-thickness-on-retentive-strength-of-all-zirconium-crowns-an-in-vitro-study.pdf The Effect of Die Spacer Thickness on Retentive Strength of all Zirconium Crowns An In vitro Study Farah Adnan Taha and Adel Farhan Ibraheem medical-research/comparison-of-muscle-mass-between-obesity-classes-by-different-formulas-in-diabetes-mellitus.pdf Comparison of Muscle Mass between Obesity Classes by Different Formulas in Diabetes Mellitus Sabah Tuzun, Serap Çifçili, Reşat Dabak, İsmet Tamer and Mehmet Sargın medical-research/effects-of-diaphragmatic-breathing-exercises-on-blood-sugar-levels-in-working-class-females-with-type2-diabetes-mellitus.pdf Effects of Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises on Blood Sugar Levels in Working Class Females with Type2 Diabetes Mellitus Asiya Khanum, Shaier Khan, Samina Kausar, Farhan Mukhtar and Saima Kausar medical-research/assessing-the-period-between-diagnosis-of-breast-cancer-and-surgical-treatment-among-mastectomized-female-patients-in-ir.pdf Assessing the Period between Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and Surgical Treatment among Mastectomized Female Patients in Iraq Nada A. S. Alwan, Furat N Tawfeeq, Safana A. Sattar and Furat Yihya medical-research/recurrent-orbital-rhabdomyosarcoma-in-a-two-years-child-a-case-study.pdf Recurrent Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma in a Two Years Child A Case Study Sofia Kausar, Nazia Yousef and Muhammad Arshad Abbas medical-research/prevalence-of-anxiety-and-depression-and-its-related-influencing-factors-among-patients-with-endstage-renal-disease-on-h.pdf Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression and its Related Influencing Factors among Patients with Endstage Renal Disease on Hemodialysis in AlKharj Saudi Arabia Ahmad M. Alqarni, Eiad A. Alghamdi, Nasser A. Alaqil, Abdulrhman H. Alzahrani, Yazeed M. Aldhfyan and Sattam A. Alruwaili medical-research/knowledge-of-scientific-misconduct-in-publication-among-medical-students-in-riyadh-saudi-arabia.pdf Knowledge of Scientific Misconduct in Publication among Medical Students in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Bassam Alghamdi, Abdulrahman Alomair, Abdullah Alsultan, Saud Albuthi, Meshal Alrashed and Aamir Omair medical-research/evaluation-of-the-effect-of-different-surface-treatments-on-bond-strength-of-heat-cured-acrylic-resin-at-cocr-alloy-and-.pdf Evaluation of the Effect of Different Surface Treatments on Bond Strength of Heat Cured Acrylic Resin at CoCr Alloy and PEEKPolymer Interface Noor A. Jassim and Makarem Abdul-Rassol Jaber medical-research/association-and-correlation-between-body-mass-index-blood-pressure-and-visual-acuity-in-students-of-health-care-institut.pdf Association and Correlation between Body Mass Index Blood Pressure and Visual Acuity in Students of Health Care Institution Suchitra Sachin Palve medical-research/cleaning-efficiency-of-root-canals-using-differ-ent-rotary-instrumentation-systems-a-comparative-in-vitro-study.pdf Cleaning Efficiency of Root Canals using Differ ent Rotary Instrumentation Systems A Comparative In vitro Study Hussein A. Al-Khafaji and Hussain F. Al-Huwaizi medical-research/air-way-bacterial-colonization-in-copd-patients-at-stable-and-the-exacerbated-states.pdf Air Way Bacterial Colonization in COPD Patients at Stable and the Exacerbated States Wedad M. Abdelraheem, Ebtisam S. Mohamed, Elham A. Abdelghany, Rasha M. Emam and Manar S. Mohamed medical-research/neuroprotective-effect-of-midazolam-low-dose-against-glutamate-toxicity-induced-to-olfactory-cortex-and-cerebellum-neuro.pdf Neuroprotective Effect of Midazolam Low Dose against Glutamate Toxicity Induced to Olfactory Cortex and Cerebellum NeuronsCulture In vitro Study Muhammet E. Naldan and Ali Taghizadehghalehjoughi medical-research/status-of-prolactin-and-thyroid-hormone-level-among-primary-infertility-patients-visiting-tertiary-care-hospital-nepal.pdf Status of Prolactin and Thyroid Hormone Level among Primary Infertility Patients Visiting Tertiary Care Hospital Nepal Pratigya Bhandari, Bhattarai R, Baral BK, Yadav BK and Jha B medical-research/impact-of-frailty-on-health-service-used-a-sample-of-aksaray.pdf Impact of Frailty on Health Service Used A Sample of Aksaray Tugce Turten Kaymaz and Guler Duru Asiret medical-research/study-the-association-of-serotonin-and-serotonin-transporter-concentration-with-attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder.pdf Study the Association of Serotonin and Serotonin Transporter Concentration with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Sampleof Iraqi Primary School Children Shatha Q. Jawad, Shaimaa S. Mutlak and Sumaiah I. Hussein medical-research/bacteriological-assessment-of-fresh-beef-sold-in-birnin-kebbi-central-market-kebbi-state-nigeria.pdf Bacteriological Assessment of Fresh Beef Sold in Birnin Kebbi Central Market Kebbi State Nigeria Abbas Bazata Yusuf, Bashar Haruna Gulumbe, Basiru Aliyu and Zaharaddin Muhammad Kalgo medical-research/role-of-jak-in-the-induction-of-inos-in-macrophages-using-pharmacological-inhibitors.pdf Role of JAK in the Induction of iNOS in Macrophages using Pharmacological Inhibitors Mohammed Qumani Ahmed, Mohd Adnan Kausar, S.M.A. Shahid, Abdulkhalig Babiker Hassan, Samir Qiblawi, Tolgahan Acar and Mohammed A.H. Siddiqui medical-research/knowledge-attitude-and-practice-about-pap-smear-among-married-women-attending-primary-health-care-centers-in-duhok-city.pdf Knowledge Attitude and Practice about Pap Smear among Married Women Attending Primary Health Care Centers in Duhok City Iman Yousif Abdulmalek and Kawther Mahmood Kalary medical-research/effect-of-silver-ag-nanoparticles-on-structural-and-mechanical-properties-of-pmma-blend-and-its-application-for-denture-.pdf Effect of Silver Ag Nanoparticles on Structural and Mechanical Properties of PMMA Blend and its Application for Denture Base Israa H. Hilal, Mithaq R. Mohammed and Warqaa A. Shakir medical-research/epidemiology-and-patterns-of-leukemia-in-northern-saudi-arabia.pdf Epidemiology and Patterns of Leukemia in Northern Saudi Arabia Abdelbaset Mohamed Elasbali, Hisham Hussain Alharbi, Ziad Al-Onzi, Mohammed H. Saiem Al-dahr, Alneil Hamza, Ezeldine Khalafalla, Dina Alshammari and Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed medical-research/cognitive-functions-and-depression-in-patients-with-irritable-bowel-syndrome-in-riyadh-region-saudi-arabia.pdf Cognitive Functions and Depression in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Riyadh Region Saudi Arabia Sanaa M. Kamal, Abdulrahman Ibrahim S Almousa and Atheer Mohammed D Alotaibi