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Radiši?, V., 2019. Antioksidacijska aktivnost i ukupni fenoli ekstrakata medicinske gljive Ganoderma lucidum (Doctoral dissertation, University of Zagreb. Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. Department of Biochemical Engineering. Laboratory for Biochemical Engineering, Industrial Microbiology and Malting and Brewing Technology).

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???????, ?. ?., ?. ?. ?????, ?. ?. ???????????, ?. ?. ??????????, ?. ?. ???, ?. ?. ?????, and ?. ?. ?????????. "??????????? ????????????? ????????? ?????????????????? ????????????? ????????. ??????????? ????????????? ? ??? ????." ??????? ?????????, ????????????? ? ?????????????? (???????) 3 (2020): 52.

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Arora, R. D., & Subramanian, V. H. (2019). To study the effect of Buteyko breathing technique in patients with obstructive airway disease. International Journal of Health Sciences and Research.

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