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Current Issue
Volume 10, Issue 2
Volume 10, Issue 3

MicroRNA Expression in Patients with Advanced Carotid Atherosclerosis
Author(s): Anton Raskurazhev, Marine Tanashyan, Alla Shabalina, Anastasia Kornilova, and Polina Kuznetsova

Under-Recognition of Radiologist Contributions in Case Reports of Jaw Lesions
Author(s): Hanadi M. Khalifa

Knowledge and Practices towards Breast Cancer Screening Tools
Author(s): Rania Mohammed Ahmed

Calcitriol Reduces the Contractile Response of Isolated Rabbit Ileum
Author(s): Hany A El Kattawy and Shimaa Hadhod

Women Health and Gynaecology
Volume 10, Issue 4

Effect of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy on Salivary pH in Periodontal Disease: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Author(s): Stuti Gupta, Shradha, Ejya Sharma, Himani Sharma, Saransh Srivastava and Radhika Gupta

Political Skill Perception among Nurses: A University Hospital Sample
Author(s): Hanife Tiryaki Sen, Sehrinaz Polat, Handan Alan and Leyla Afsar

Association between Combined Hormonal Contraception Use and Deep Vein Thrombosis in Dyslipidemic Patients
Author(s): Njoud F AlFaisal and Norah A AlShehri

Volume 10, Issue 5
Volume 10, Issue 6
Volume 10, Issue 8

An Ensemble Model for Detecting Coronavirus disease-19 from Chest X-ray Images
Author(s): Marwan A. Albahar, Mohammed I. Thanoon and Abdulaziz A. Albahr

Prevalence of Risk Factors of Essential Hypertension among Saudis in Riyadh City
Author(s): Bushra Elbashir, Msab Al-dkheel, Hamad Aldakheel, Nnaif Aruwished and Nasser Alodayani

Clinico-Radiological Profile of Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Diabetes Mellitus among Patients Attending to a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
Author(s): Narayan Mood, Mouleeswara Kumar Tamma, Surendra Babu Darivemula and Sri Krishna Kishore Advanapu

Perioperative Pain Management Performed by Interdisciplinary Health Team for a Patient with Opioid Addiction History: A Case Report
Author(s): Yuxiang Ren, Wenjuan Sun, Shuang Wang, Canfeng Li, Li Yang, Zhihui Lang and Tao Luo

Obesity; Prevalence and Associated Factors among Al Baha University Students: An Observational and Cross-Sectional Study
Author(s): Abuobaida E. E. Abukhelaif, Ahmed Hassan Alghamdi, Mohammed Abdullah Ibrahim AlGhamdi, Amjad Yahaya A. AlZahrani, Fares Ghormallah A. Alghamdi, AlHassan Ali Ahmed Alghamdi and Majed Abdulaziz Ahmed Alghamdi

Hand Hygiene Education Decreased School Absenteeism among Saudi Female Primary Students in Saudi Arabia, 2018
Author(s): Abrar Abdulazeem Alzaher, Ibrahim M Gosadi, Muna Hassan Mustafa and Sami Almudarra

The Influence of Kinesiophobia on Clinical Practice in Physical Therapy: An Integrative Literature Review
Author(s): Beatriz Castanho, Nuno Cordeiro, and Vítor Pinheira

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Occupational Radiation Safety among Physicians in Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Abdulmonem Alsiddiky, Nouf Alabdulkarim*, Nouf Altwaijri, Waleed Awwad and Khalid Bakarman

The Relationship between Breastfeeding and Autoimmune Diseases among Children in Makkah City
Author(s): Amna Alotiby, Reem Bagadood, Rawan Bazuhayr, Lama Shabanah, Nouf Qurbi, Revan Mujahed, Hana Halabi and Khariah Alsufyani

Evaluation of Ready-Made Food Sold for Human Consumption at City Local Market
Author(s): Elgazafey Basheer H Ahmed, Nazik EM Mustafa, Mohamed Osman Elamin, Hatim A Natto

It's an Emergency and Serious, Celiac Crisis, Case Reports and Review
Author(s): Abdullah Mohammed Albishi, Ali Saleh Alshamrani, Khalid Mousa Asiri, Bader IbraheemAsiri Afnan Ali Abonukhaa, and Halimah Hussain A Alshehri

Prevalence of Social Anxiety Disorder and Its Impact on Academic Performance among Female Secondary School Students in Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Tharwat Abdulaziz Alahmary, Riyadh A. Algamdi, Mohammad Abdulhameed Alharbi and Sami Abdo Radman Al-Dubai

Neurological Assessment Skill Competency of Registered Nurses in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: A Pre-Experimental Design
Author(s): Nazia Yousef, Muhammad Hussain and Kousar Perveen

A Study of Arterial Vasculature of Thumb in Human Cadavers
Author(s): Pramila Padmini M

Effects of Guided Recitation of Pradhnyavivardhan Stotra on Memory, Mental and Scholastic Abilities among Growing Children
Author(s): Nitiinn S Morrey, US Kakade, Pushkraj D Sonwane, Prajakta T Deshmukh and Rajan N Pangul

Abdominal Obesity as a Risk Factor for Stroke in Abuja, Nigeria
Author(s): GA Onwuegbuzie, P Alabi and F Abdulai

Study of Vitamin D Levels in Patient Diagnosed with COVID-19 Infection
Author(s): Raviraj Naik, Savita Deshmukh and Ranjana Deshmukh

Volume 10, Issue 7

Antioxidant Action of Green Tea Extract in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Albino Rats: An Experimental Laboratory-Based Study
Author(s): Ali Hassan A. Ali, Ali Yaqoub Alali, Rasheed A. Alhajri, Abdulrahman M. Aldawsari, Ammar H. AlHeseni and Nasser S. Aldosari

The Impact of Body Mass Index on Spirometric Parameters of Late Adolescents
Author(s): Maram Walid, Aaisha Mohammed, Sareesh Naduvil Narayanan and Tarig Hakim Merghani

Effect of Innovative Large Group Teaching Methods on Students Learning Compared to Traditional Lectures
Author(s): Bhuvaneshwaran B, A. Geetharani and C. Selvakumar

Drug-Eluting Stents versus Coated Stents in Diabetic Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Author(s): Ahmed Alsherif, Mohamed Ashraf, Ayman Moharram, Mahmoud Khaled and Ahmed Rostom

A Study to Assess the Prevalence of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection among Catheterized Patients Admitted in Tertiary Care Hospital, Bathinda (Punjab)
Author(s): Simaranjit Kaur, Kirandeep Kaur Dhaliwal, Deepika R Singh and Rajwant Kaur Randhawa

Machine Learning Techniques and Syntactic Pattern Recognition based Heart Disease Prediction for Smart Health
Author(s): Shawni Dutta, Payal Bose, Vishal Goyal and Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay

A Comprehensive Survey on Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Intelligence
Author(s): Santhosh Gupta Dogiparthi, Jayanthi K and Ajith Ananthakrishna Pillai

Maternal Factors Associated with Low Birth Weight among Term Newborns in South Ethiopia: A Case-Control Study
Author(s): Leila Hussen, BlenKasshun, Shemsu Kadir, Bahredin Abdala and Mubarak Yesse

Prognostic Significance of Hematological Parameters and Ratios in COVID-19 Patients
Author(s): Anjali Sharma, Mukul Singh, Manju Kumari, Heena Gopal Chand, Sunil Ranga and Jugal Kishore

Study of Correlation between hs-CRP and Lipid Profile in Vitamin D Supplemented Hypothyroid Patients
Author(s): N Ratna Kumari, Vijayalakshmi and G.S. Prema

Whatsapp as a Platform for Self Directed Learning in Medical Students
Author(s): Prachi Renjhen and Vikas Kumar

A Cross-Sectional Study on Psychosocial Factors Influencing Eating Habits among Students in a Private Medical College, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Author(s): Subhasri Subhadarsini, Lisa Sarangi, Subhasish Dwari and Subhrajeet Dash

Knowledge, Attitude and Risk Perception on Infection Control of SARS-CoV-2 in Indian Population
Author(s): Parimalakrishnan S, Saveen Kumar S, Atchayaa T and Jeevitha P

Transportation of the Heart Valves-A Case Report of Rare Anatomical Anomaly
Author(s): Jigyasa Passey, Preeti Goswami and Sabita Mishra

COVID-19 Infection in Asymptomatic Full Term Pregnancy-Presentation of a Case with Management Approach
Author(s): Priyanka Singh, Neema Acharya, Sourya Acharya, and Shazia Mohammad

  • Int J Med Res Health Sci.122-125
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Effects of Smokeless Tobacco on the Oral Epithelium of Tobacco Chewing Users
Author(s): Vijay Laxmi Sharma, Abhilasha Dadhich and Savita Yadav

Depression and Anxiety among COVID-19 Survivors: A Cross-sectional Analytical Study in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Reem Mohamed Qattan, and Amal Hassan Alghamdi

Biochemical and Hematological Profiles of Type 2 Diabetics Living with HIV in Ivory Coast
Author(s): Nzambi Passi Alice, Trebissou Aisse Florence Judith, Nâ??Guessan-Blao Amoin Rebecca, Kiki-Barro Christiane Pulcherie, Yapo Adou Francis

A Study about 3D Printing Technology and its Effects on Organ Transplant
Author(s): Mohammad Kamal Hussain, Ruba Mirza, Alaa Bagarish, Habibah Alsiyami, Ghaida Binjabi, Dhuha Filfilan and Taif Ghabrah

Clinical Validation of Novel Smartphone-Based Spirometer for Measurement of Obstructive Diseases
Author(s): Shardul Joshi, Gajanan Sakhare and Aditi Pais

A Cadaveric Study on Higher Origin of Common Interosseous Artery and its Clinical Correlation
Author(s): Sachendra Kumar Mittal, Suresh Sharma, Rekha Parasha and Sakshi Mathur

Logistics Management of COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment and its Challenges at Public Hospitals of Southwest Ethiopia: An Integrated Quantitative and Qualitative Study
Author(s): Fikadu Ejeta, Diriba Feyisa, Oliyad Kebede, Desalegn Feyissa Mechessa, Ameha Zewudie, Yitagesu Mamo, Tolcha Regasa and Lemi Abebe

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