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Current Issue
Volume 8, Issue 2

Fibrin Glue Injection a Promising Option in the Treatment of Patients with Anal Fistula
Author(s): Adel Mosa Ahmed Al-Rekabi

Intergenerational Differences in using Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices
Author(s): Hilal Uysal, Busra Cansu Karvel and Murat Yigit

Laser Biosensor as for Pregnancy Test by Using Photonic Crystal Fiber
Author(s): Belal Sara J, Alameri Layla M, Rashid Fareed F and Mansour Tahreer S

Living with a Chronic Disease: Preparation, Information, Talking and Thoughts about the Disease
Author(s): Inger Benkel, Maria Arnby and Ulla Molander

Evaluation of Anti Candida Effect of Melaleuca alternifolia on Heat Cured Acrylic Resin
Author(s): Ban Nahal Shukur, Sahar Manfi Ahmed and Sanaa Rasheed Abd Al-Aaloosi

Assessment of Parents Knowledge about Oral Health in National Guard Primary Schools, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Mohammed Nasser Aldosari*, Ibrahim Aljabali, Abdullah Altammami, Abdulrahman Obaid, Abdulaziz Fakih, Emad Alshehri and Nasser Al Shraim

Knowledge and Awareness of Oculoplastic Surgery among Medical Students
Author(s): Hadeel Seraj and Hatan Mortada

Study of Newborn Screening and Genetic Mutation for Phenylketonuria in Yantai City
Author(s): Zhi-Ping Lv, Shan-Na Zhao, Ju-Ping Li, Fang Wang, Shu-Chen Li and Chang-Hua Qu

Left Homonymous Hemianopsia as the First Presentation of Left Atrial Mass
Author(s): Domenico Acanfora, Bernardo Lanzillo, Valentina Carlomagno, Chiara Acanfora, Giulio Montefusco, Pietro Scicchitano and Gerardo Casucci

Efficacy and Safety of Cloud based Continuous Monitoring Systems in Management of Patients in Non-ICU Settings in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Author(s): T. Anil Kumar, Ashwin Kulkarni, Sneha Dutta, Sneha Varghese and Vishwanath K

Clinical and Biochemical Association between Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism of the Uromodulin Gene and Albuminuria in Patients with Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
Author(s): Azher Abdul-Mutalib Ibraheem, Rayah Sulaiman Baban and Mahmood Shaker Khudair

How Blood Groups Correlate with Capacity of Drinking Water?
Author(s): Muhammad Imran Qadir and Iqra Sabir

Assessment of Nutritional Status and its Related Factors among Female Adolescent Girls: A School based Study in Arar city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Waseem Fatima*, Nasser Salem Misfer Alqhatani and Leena mohammad Ahmad

Impact of Office Chair on Health in Faculty at Jazan University
Author(s): Aksh Chahal, Mohammed Qasheesh, Pooja Chaudhuri, Abu Shaphe and Nitesh Malhotra

Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Poor Glycemic Control: A Randomized Placebo Controlled Design
Author(s): Sofia Kausar, Muhammad Arshad Abbas, Hajra Ahmad, Nazia Yousef, Zaheer Ahmed, Naheed Humayun, Hira Ashfaq and Ayesha Humayun

Antimicrobial Profile of Clinical Isolates in Intensive Car e Unit at a Tertiary Care Hospital
Author(s): N. Chidambaram, Reena Rajan, G. Sasikala and V. Anandi

Evaluation of Current Diagnostic Tests for Typhoid Fever in Al-Kindy Teaching Hospital
Author(s): Batool Mutar Mahdi, Duaa Qassim Mohammed, Batool Alaa Jassim and Nabaa Salah Hassan

Atypical Imaging Characteristics of Metastatic Myxoid Liposarcoma
Author(s): Ahmed Taher, John E. Madewell, Sameh Nassar, Alexander J. Lazar, Rizwan Aslam, Abdelrahman K. Hanafy and Bilal Mujtaba

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