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Volume 7, Issue 10

Assessment of Quality of Life among Medical Students in Saudi Arabia: A Study Based on WHO-QOL-BREF Protocol
Author(s): Mahmoud Abdulrahman Mahmoud and Mohammad Fareed

Crossword Puzzles as an Active Learning Mode for Student Directed Learning in Anatomy Teaching: Medical Undergraduate Perceptions
Author(s): Mohammed Nazeer, Razia Sultana, Mohammad Muzammil Ahmed, Mohammad Rehan Asad, Waqas Sami, Haroon Rasheed Hattiwale and Sreekanth T

Addition of Nanohybrids Particles and Fiber to Heat Cured PMMA Denture Base Materials
Author(s): Intisar J. Ismail, Balkees M. Diya and Farah J. Ebrahim

Organizational Factors Influencing the Adoption of the District Health Information System 2 in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya
Author(s): Richard Ole Kuyo, Lillian Muiruri and Susan Njuguna

Evaluation of Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of Wave One Gold Glider and Some Rotary NiTi Preflaring Files
Author(s): Linz A. Shalan, Hussain F. Al-Huwaizi and Saif alislam Mohammad

Effect of Breast Feeding in Occurrence of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in Abha City, Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Fatimah A. Alzahrani, Youssef Ali Alqahtani, Rishi Kumar Bharti, Shweta Chaudhary and Ashwag Y. Asiri

The Effect of Mineral Composition Contents on Cracks Formation of Teeth Subjected to Er, Cr: YSGG 2780 nm Laser Irradiation
Author(s): Doaa A. Almiran, Salah A. Alkurtas, and Hussein A. Jawad

Impact of CT Window Contouring on Breast Plans
Author(s): Chandrani Chakraborty and Peter Richards

Sex Differences in Coronary Artery Calcification Score and its Use as a Predictor of Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy in Japanese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Author(s): Aiko Toyonaga, Sayaka Fukushima, Chihiro Yoneda, Jun Ogino and Naotake Hashimoto

Non-Surgical Treatment of Gingival Recession by Platelet-Rich Plasma
Author(s): Omar Husham Ali, Hadeel Mazin Akram, Alaa Omran Ali, Firas A. Jamil, Mohammed G. Rzoqi

Effectiveness and Results of Iraqi Breast Cancer Screening Program Applied at Primary Health Care Centers
Author(s): Lujain Anwar Alkhazrajy and Aven Mohammed Souza

Predictive Factors of Immediate Graft Function for Living Donor Kidney Transplant
Author(s): Magdalena Kwapisz, Rafał Kieszek, Kalina Jędrzejko, Monika Bieniasz, Magdalena Nita, Andrzej Chmura, and Artur Kwiatkowski

Oral and Genital Lichen Planus in a Cohort of Iraqi Females
Author(s): Ferial Mahmood Abdulrida and Buthayna Shibel

Prevalence of Asthma and Allergic Symptoms among General Population in Riyadh Region of Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Mohammad Fareed, Mohammad Meshal Al Meshal, Musaad Saad Al Balood and Kamal Halim

A Comparison of Fear Levels of Endodontic Treatment in Iraqi Population
Author(s): Shatha Abdul-Kareem, Rawasi Raad and Raghad Al-Hashimy

Incidence of Febrile UTI after Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy for Patients with Ureteric Stones in Rizgary Teaching Hospital: A Single Center Experience
Author(s): Wisam Sedeeq Omar, Pishtewan Hashim Al-Bazzaz and Muhammad Suhaib Al-Mufty

Effects of 5-α-Reductase Inhibitor (Finasteride) on Per Operative Blood Loss in Patients with BPH undergoing TURP
Author(s): Sherwan Mohammed Amin, Shawqi George Ghazala and Nihad Rafaat Jawad

Knowledge of Risk Factors and Perceived Effects of Vesicovaginal Fistula among Primigravida Attending Antenatal Care in Mater Misericordiae Hospital Afikpo North of Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Author(s): Justin Agorye Ingwu, Odochi Nwosu, Paulina Chikeme, Ijeoma Maduokalam and Israel Chidinma Egbichi

Volume 7, Issue 9

Eating Habits among Healthcare Providers during Working Hours at National Guard Health Affairs-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Taghreed Mohammed Al Hazmi, Abdullah Alghamdi and Imad Abdulmajeed

A Retrospective Study on Pulpotomized Primary Molars in a Group of Children in Iraq
Author(s): Zainab Juma Jafar and Dlear Essa

Effect of Silver-Zinc Zeolite Addition on Mechanical Properties of Maxillofacial Silicone
Author(s): Zainab A. Azeez, Mustafa S. Tukmachi* and Dhuha H. Mohammed

Pain Management by a Combination of Tramadol, Haloperidol and Carbamazepine in Iraqi Burn Patients
Author(s): Waleed Ibraheem Ali, Eman Abdul Yemmah Hadi, Zuhair A. Al-Johar

Parkinson’s Disease: An Insight into Mechanisms and Model Systems
Author(s): Rajat Bhardwaj and Rahul Deshmukh

Age-Related Changes with Selected Salivary Physical Properties and Caries Experience among Healthy Adult Men
Author(s): Hiba Khaldoun Al-Tamimi and Nadia Aftan Al-Rawi

Salivary Oxidative Status in Relation to Periodontal Status among Workers in Diagnostic Radiation Field
Author(s): Ghada N. Alhussainy, Ahlam T. Mohammed and Baydaa Hussein

Impact of the Addition of Salinated Nano Aluminum Silicate Fillers to Cold Cured Acrylic as a Repair Material
Author(s): Aseel Abdulameer Radhi, Raghdaa Kareem Jassim and Saja Kareem Esmael

Cardiac Involvement in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients: Imaging Approach
Author(s): Germeen A. Ashamallah, Noha Abd El-salam, Ahmed Hosny El-Adawy, Samia M. Zaki, Donia M. Sobh and Amal Helmy

A Case Report on Pediatric Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patient with a novel t (1;7) (q32; p22) translocation
Author(s): Manoj Kumar, Mohit Chowdhry, Raj Nath Makroo, Deepika Rani and Pankaj Sharma

Molecular Characterization of Resistance to ESBL Producing E.coli and Development of LAMP Assay against the Microbes for UTIs Patients
Author(s): Anis Ahmad Chaudhary, Mohammad Fareed, Abdul Malik and Osama A. Al-Khamees

Improved SSCP Analysis through Primers Addition to Screen Hotspot Exons in DNAH5 gene
Author(s): Imed Mabrouk, Rahma Mani, Jihen Bouguila , Lamia Boughamoura, Mongia Hachicha, Raoudha Boussoffara, Salma Ben Ameur, Samia Hammouda, Khadija Boussetta, and Zohra Soua

Selected Salivary Physicochemical Properties among Cleft Lip and Palate Children in Iraq
Author(s): Mais M. Almaeeni and Abeer Mohammed Hassan

Fluoride Release from Dental Adhesive Reinforced with Fluorapatite or Calcium Fluoride
Author(s): Mohammed Kassim Gholam and Mohammed R. Hameed

Fetal Outcomes and Complications of Pregnancy among Teenage and Adult Primigravid Saudi Women: A Retrospective Comparative Study
Author(s): Abdelrahim Awadelkarim Abdelrahman Mohamed, Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdullah Almalaq, Raed Dawood Mohammed Almansour, Haitham Samer Abdulaziz Alanazi, Fawas Suliman Ayed Alshammari, Tarig Mahmoud Ahmed Hussien and Sohair Ali Mohammed Shommo

The Effect of Carrageenan on Burning Mouth Syndrome in Diabetes Patient Type 2, IL-1 and Candida Species Studies
Author(s): Meena Muneeb Ali, Fawaz Dawood Aswad and Awf Shamil Mahmood

The First Molecular Identification of M. fortuitum, M. porcinum and M. cosmeticum from Pulmonary Patients with Negative Tuberculosis in Iraq
Author(s): Asmaa Ahmed Berto Al-Mashhadani and Nagham Mohammed Al-Gburi

Effects of Air Abrasive Polishing on Iron Ion Release from Different Metal Self-Ligating Orthodontic Brackets
Author(s): Husam Majid Hameed and Dheaa Hussein Al-Groosh

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