International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)
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Current Issue
Volume 9, Issue 12

Designs, synthesis, structural elucidation and antimicrobial evaluation of various derivatives of 2-mercaptobenzimidazole as possible antimicrobial agents
Author(s): Rand Al-kazweeny, Zuhair A Muhi-eldeen, Elham Al-kaissi, Sadeq Al-tameemi, Sumia S Tayeh, Jaafar Al-hussenini

Clinicopathological study of vesiculobullous diseases with special emphasis on autoimmune disorders-two year study in a resource setting
Author(s): Sherin Daniel, Nandakumar G, Krishna G Balachandran Nair, Santha Sadasivan

Effect of Benzoin Resin Fumes on Indoor Environmental Microbes
Author(s): Mashael W. Alruways, Intisar E. Elrayah, Mariam A. Mansi

The pyrosphere prosthesis compared with epping-arthroplasty for Surgical treatment of thumb root arthritis: a clinical cohort study
Author(s): Anas Abdulqader Fathuldeen, Renad Meshal Ashban Alharbi, Salem Fayez Alshaghdali, Walaa Sulyman Salem Alrasheed, Afnan Awdah Masoud Alhazimi, Ziyad Alharbi

Screening of Sixteen Commonly Consumed Green Leafy Vegetables for Carotenoids
Author(s): Anusha AM, Sherena PA, PT Annamala, JK Mukkadan

Correlation of Sputum mir-144 Copy Levels with Treatment Response among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients
Author(s): Vimal Raj R, Anitha TS, Pajanivel R, Shreyas S Kuduvalli, Adithan C

A Prospective Study of Epidemiology of Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections at a Tertiary Hospital Makkah Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Manal M Al-Gethamy, Hamed Ademola Adetunji, Zahid Hafeez, Duaa Al-Qatabi, Shazra Abbas, Hosham Karar, Noor Adel Merwass

miR-4772-5p and miR-196b as Potential Prognostic Biomarker in Pediatric Core Binding Factor Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Author(s): Vikas Gaur, Shilpi Chaudhary, Suyash Agarwal, Surender K. Sharawat, Sameer Bakhshi, Pankaj Sharma, Sachin Kumar

Assessing the Efficacy of Low Cost Indigenously Produced Soya Based Ready to Use Therapeutic Food with Standard Indigenously Produced Peanut Based Ready to Use Therapeutic Food
Author(s): Lavina Fernandes, Alka Rajendra Jadhav, Blossom Rodrigues, Divya Ananthasubramanian, Prachi Karnik, Annapurna Koli

A Systematic Review of Complications during Insertion of Central Venous Catheterization Guided by Ultrasound versus and Anatomical Landmark
Author(s): Hassan Shaaib, Abdul Karim Antar Al-Otaibi, Ahmed Ali Alshamrani, Majed Ahmed Alqarni, Ibrahim Omran Mahzri, Hatem Maqbool Alkhaldi

Intentional Replantation with 23-Minute Extra-Oral Time: A Case Report
Author(s): Ahmed Nasser, Yazeed Alturki, Mohammed Alkathery, Khalid Alzailay

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