International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)
ISSN: 2319-5886 Indexed in: ESCI (Thomson Reuters)

Volume 6, Issue 12

The Effect of Postoperative Rehabilitation for Hand Infection
Author(s): Takako Nagai, Akihiro Okawa and Masahiro Nagaoka

The Effect of Weight Loss on Serum Vitamin D Levels in Obese Women with Vitamin D Deficiency
Author(s): Hülya Yilmaz Önal and Emel Alphan Tüfekçi M

Evaluation of Microbial Contamination of Different Orthodontic as Received Arch Wires from Manufacturers
Author(s): Hassan Suha Saad, Ghaib Nidhal H and Al-Ghurabi Batool Hassan

Retrospective Analysis of Blood Stream Infections and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Gram Negative Bacteria in a Tertiary Care Cancer Hospital
Author(s): Radha Rani D, Sridevi Chaitanya B, Senthil Rajappa J, Basanth Kumar R, Krishna Prabhakar K, Krishna Mohan MVT, Vibhavari Nayak K, Pavan Kumar, Ayyagari Santa and T. Subramanyeshwara Rao

Gallstone Formation Prophylaxis after Bariatric Surgery: Experience in Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Bassam Ahmed Al-Mutlaq, Haitham Ahmad Alnais, Abdulkarim Saleh Alkhateeb, Abdulrahman Khaled Alshaya, Majid Zannon Alturkstani, Ayman Sayed Abouhamda, Radwan Yousef Badr, Mohammed Ahmed Zirari, Murad Mahmood S Binjahlan, Omar Abdullah Alngaidan and Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

Quality of Life Perception by Inmates in the Central Prison of Mbuji-Mayi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Author(s): Muasa Patoka Guillaume Kalonji, Léon Okenge Ngongo, Félicien Ilunga Ilunga, Adelin Albert and Didier Giet

Cannot Live Without Performing Act: A Case Study
Author(s): Mafia Shahzadi and Maheen Saleem

Robertsonian Translocations t(21q;21q) and t(14q;21q) in Down Syndrome
Author(s): V. Lakshmi Kalpana, P.V.V. Gowri Sai Ram, P. Soujanya, A. Anuradha, B. Papa Kusuma and H. Uma Bharati

Influence of Toxoplasmosis on Human Personality Among Pregnant Women in Al-Najaf Province
Author(s): Ibadi Atheer Kadhim and Sayal Raad Ajam

Fluoride in Water Intake and Prevalence of Dental Fluorosis Stains among Children in Central Benin
Author(s): Alphonse S. Avocefohoun, Bertin A. Gbaguidi, Haziz Sina, Olivier Biaou, Christophe S. Houssou and Lamine Baba-Moussa

Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Factors Affecting Obesity in High School Students
Author(s): Aysun Yüksel, Hülya Yilmaz Önal and Kibar Gültekin Kurt

Acute Psychosis and Takayasu Vasculitis
Author(s): Subramanian N, Shanmugasundaram P, Mariappan M and Ramanujam V

Validation of HPLC-UV Method for Analysis of 4-Pyridoxic Acid in Human Urine
Author(s): Mohammad Shawaqfeh, Wenchen Zhao and Suhaib Muflih

Young Ischemic Stroke as Presentation of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: A Case Report
Author(s): Ahmad Najib Azmi and Hana Maizuliana

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