International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)
ISSN: 2319-5886 Indexed in: ESCI (Thomson Reuters)

Volume 6, Issue 3

Influence of Gluteus Maximus Inhibition on Upper Trapezius Overactivity in Chronic Mechanical Neck Pain with Radiculopathy
Author(s): Ghada Mohamed Koura, Eman Abd Allah Kamel, Wanees Mohamed Badawy, Hamada Ahmed Hamada and Hoda Mohamed Zakaria

Foreign Body Aspiration in Paediatric Airway
Author(s): Dhupar Puja, Rathod Arun K, Bhattar Ashok and Rathi S

Health Education and Health Promotion Skills of Health Care Professionals Working in Family Health Centres
Author(s): Esma Kabasakal, and Gulumser Kublay

Epidemiological Aspects of Surgical Site Infections in an Income Country: The Case of Regional Hospital Centre, Borgou (Benin)
Author(s): Hodonou M Adrien, Allode S Alexandre, Tobome S Romaric, Hounkponou-Ahouingnan Fanny, Mensah AD Emile, Fatigba O Holden, Tamou-Sambo Bio, Akpata Raphael, Atakpa S Felix, Dadjo A Yves, and Mehinto K Delphin

Human Papilloma Virus 16 and 18 Association in Cervical Intraepithelial Lesions and Cervical Cancers by In Situ Hybridization
Author(s): Mohanty Manisa, Mohanty Ramesh Chandra, Mohanty Raghumani and Swain Rajeeb

Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) Associated with Eclampsia: A Case Study
Author(s): Maasoumeh Mirzamoradi, Maryam-Sadat Hosseini, Maasoumeh Saleh and Samaneh Esmaeili

Study of Pancytopenia in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North Karnataka
Author(s): Kulkarni Naveen S, Patil Appu S, and Karchi SD

Peak Exercise Response to Vertical Climbing in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients
Author(s): Bagade Aviragee A, Jiandani Mariya P, and Mehta Amita

Argyria: A Rare Case Report
Author(s): Venkata Madhav M, Prathyusha T, Santikiran S, and Eswar G

A Study to Evaluate the Role of Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) as an Adjuvant in the Management of Neonatal Sepsis in Preterm Babies
Author(s): Awais Mirza, Uppin Narayan Reddy, Altaf Naseem and Sumsam Ali Khurram

Stroke Diagnosis using Microstrip Patch Antennas Based on Microwave Tomography Systems
Author(s): Sakthisudhan K and Pricillamary S

The Results of a Hepatitis Training Provided for Nursing Students
Author(s): Eylem Topbas, Banu Terzi, Ayse Gayrim, Tugce Bayoglu and Selda Tan

Life Style Related Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Its Increased Prevalence in Saudi Arabia: A Brief Review
Author(s): Mohammad Fareed, Nasir Salam, Abdullah T Khoja, Mahmoud Abdulrahman Mahmoud, and Maqusood Ahamed

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