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Medical Science and Healthcare: Current Scenario and Future Development

The Pattern to Predict Social Phobia Based On Social Self-Efficacy, Shyness and Coping Style in the Secondary School Students
Author(s): Reza Ranjbaran, Ali Pouladi Reyshahri, Mahdieh Saghai Pourseifi and Nasirudin Javidi

The Lived Experiences of Newly Nurses’ Preceptors of Preceptorship: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study
Author(s): Leili Borimnejad, Sousan Valizadeh, Azad Rahmani, Shahla Shahbazi, Adel Mazaheri

Interactive cards, students of nursing and psychiatric ward studying the effect of interactive card on the learning of nursing students in the psychiatric ward
Author(s): Somaieh Bosak, Kourosh Zarea, Hamidreza Aghababaeian, Sadegh Ahmadi Mazhin, Ali Sadeghi Moghaddam and Hadi Bahrami

Effect of music therapy and reflexology on pain in unconscious patients: A randomized clinical trial
Author(s): Fariba Yaghoubinia, Ali Navidian, Sara Sheikh, Enayatollah Safarzai and Seyed Mohammad Nasir-al-din Tabatabaei

Predicting the level of colds during the year according to multiple variables of stress, anxiety and depression in women
Author(s): Reza Ranjbaran, Mahnaz Aliakbari and Nasirudin Javidi

Musculoskeletal disorders among Truck and taxi drivers: A retrospective study
Author(s): Omid Aminian, Zahra Jamshidi, Shahdokht Seifmanesh, Ramin Mehrdad,Khosro Sadeghniiat-Haghighi and Eghbal Sekhavati

Taxonomy level of pediatrics exams and psychometric characteristics of MCQ test in year 2014
Author(s): Vakili Zarichehr, Sharif Mohammadreza, Sayyah Mansour and Khosravi Gholamreza

Clinical safety and cost analysis of Sevoflurane and Isoflurane in surgical patients
Author(s): Ebrahim Hazrati, Mohamad Reza Rafiei, Mohamad Afsahi and Masoud Ramezani

Evaluation of the effect of distraction in the two groups of inflating the balloon and mother's armson the pain of venipuncture in children aged 3-6
Author(s): Ehsan Rahmanian, Mohammad Sadegh Sanie,, Navid Kalani and Mohammad Radmehr

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Teachers in Tabriz(Iran) Elementry Schools Regarding Child Abuse(2015-2016)
Author(s): Mohammad Hassan Sahebihagh, Seyedeh Zahra Hosseini, Mina Hosseinzadeh and Seyed Morteza Shamshirgaran

Continuing education is an opportunity or challenge?
Author(s): Mohsen Hojat, Rahim Raofi, Fariba Talaghani and Mohsen Shahriari

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Serological Survey of Broiler Flocks with High Mortality in Southern Iran
Author(s): Gholam Hossein Habibi and Mohammad Mehdi Hadipour

Effect of Pain Caused by Cold Presser on Changes in Cerebral Blood Circulation Using fNIRS
Author(s): Shilan Mohammadi and S. Kamaledin Setarehdan

Investigating students’ attitude and performance of smoking at Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences in 2015
Author(s): Farah Moayedi, Hosein Hamadiyan, Moein Khoori and Forough Jamil

Evaluation of Bacterial and fungal Contaminations in Barbershops in Kamyaran city, Iran-Summer 2015
Author(s): Farzaneh Janmohammadi, Ghodous Fathi, Daem Roshani and Kayvan Farahmandi

Prevalence of head lice infestation among schoolchildren in urban and rural areas in a region of western Iran-school year 2015–2016
Author(s): Saman Nazari, Sasan Nazari, Reza Goudarztalejerdi and Mansour Nazari

The Neuroprotective Effects of Alcoholic Extract of Levisticum Officinale on Alpha Motoneurons Degeneration After Sciatic Nerve Compression in Male Rats
Author(s): Salman Mahmoudzehi, Gol Mohammad Dorrazehi, Sirous Jamalzehi, Amir Hossein Heydari Khabbaz, Fatemeh Ghorbani, Abdollah Hooti, Abdolvahed Ghorbani Dadkani and Mehrdad Mahmoudi Souran

Study of the relationship between sleep quality and prevalence of delirium in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Author(s): Mohammad Ali Cheraghi, Mahsa Hazaryan, Fatemeh Bahramnezhad, Farshid Mirzaeipour and Hamid Haghani

Effect of the pregnancy period preparation classes on the nutritional behavior of the postpartum period
Author(s): Maryam Rezaeyan, Habibeh Morteza, Seyedeh Tahereh Mirmolaei and Parichehr Khedri

The Rate of Nurses Awareness about Patients Bill of Rights in Teaching Hospitals Affiliated to the Zahedan University of Medical Sciences in 2016
Author(s): Azizollah Arbabisarjou, Sadegh Zare, MahnazShahrakipour and Adel Kadkhodaie

Evaluation of Respect the Patients Rights: Nurses Perspective in Teaching Hospitals
Author(s): Azizollah Arbabisarjou, Sadegh Zare and Adel Kadkhodaie

The survey of the relationship between test anxiety and self-efficacy among the city of Urmia medical sciences university students in 2016
Author(s): Ali Reza Salar, Rahim Baghaei, Sadegh Zare and Ehsan Salar

Investigation of time and effort required for care activities among parents of children with cancer in pediatric educational treatment center
Author(s): Sona Pashaee, Arash Khalili, Hengameh Shirvani, Leila Valizadeh4 and Fatemeh Joonbakhsh

Comparison of nursing and midwifery students’ perceptions of the educational environment
Author(s): Hassanian Zahra Marzieh and Oshvandi Khodayar

Vulnerability of Newly Graduated Nurses in Clinical Setting: A Qualitative Study
Author(s): Hossein Ebrahimi, Hadi Hassankhani, Maureen Crowley, Reza Negarandeh, Efat Sadeghian and Azim Azizi

Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis: 41 cases
Author(s): Matin Ghazizade, Mahboobe Asadi, Alimohammad Fakhr Yasseri and Reza Karimi

Nursing educational regulation model: A meta-synthesis
Author(s): Fatemeh Oskouie, Soroor Parvizy, Nooredin Mohammadi, Mohammad Reza Sheikhi, and Raziyeh Ghafouri

Investigation of adsorption kinetic of Doxorubicin onto iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles functionalized with poly(acrylic acid)/Allyl Alchohol
Author(s): Fatemeh Siami, Homayon Ahmadpanahi, Amir Heidarinasab, Elham Moniri, Azim Akbarzadeh and Hasan Ebrahimi Shahmabadi

Epidemiologic description and therapeutic outcomes of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Childhood in Isfahan, Iran (2011-2016)
Author(s): Mujtaba Shuja, Javad Ramazanpour, Hasan Ebrahimzade Parikhani, Hamid Salehiniya, Ali Asghar Valipour, Mahdi Mohammadian, Khadijah Allah Bakeshei, Salman Norozi, Mohammad Aryaie, Pezhman Bagheri, Fatemeh Allah Bakeshei, Turan Taghizadeh and Abdollah Mohammadian-Hafshejani

Reviewing the Relation between Social Support and Blood Sugar Control in Elders with Diabetes Type 2
Author(s): Morad Ali Zareipour, Ehsan Movahed, Mousa Ghelichi Ghojogh, Zahra Khazir and Mahin Alinejad

Pros and Cons of student marriage during study period among student in Yasuj University of Medical science, Iran
Author(s): Masood Moghimi, Roya Mehdizade, Faride Sarkari and Sima Mohammadhossini

The effect of music therapy counseling on sleep quality in pregnant women
Author(s): Fatemeh Shobeiri, Susan Khaledi, Seyedeh Zahra Masoumi and Ghodratola Roshanaei

Evaluating In-service Training Climate between Medical Libraries in Northern Iran
Author(s): MousaYaminfirooz1 and Hasan Siamian

The role of Epigenetic Mechanisms in Causing Epilepsy: A review
Author(s): Shiva Raeisi Dehkordi, Mohammadreza Shahmohammadi, Nima Mohseni Kabir and Reza Jalil Khoshnod

Registration/ Licensure: Essential Need of Nursing Regulation in Iran
Author(s): Fatemeh Oskouie, Ahmad Nejatian, Soroor Parvizy , Nooredin Mohammadi, Mohammad Reza Sheikhi and Raziyeh Ghafouri

Studying the Obstacles to Establishing a System of Free Visiting in the ICU of Subordinating Educational Hospitals of Iranian Medical Sciences University
Author(s): Vahid Shojaeimotlagh, Sousan Valizadeh, Hadi Hasankhani, Aram Feizi and Azim Azizi

Comparison of SOFA and APACHEII Scores in Predicting Weaning of Patients from Ventilator in the ICU Ward of Amin Hospital in Isfahan, Iran
Author(s): Acieh Dehghani, Elham Davaridolatabadi and Gholamhossein Abdeyazdan

The meaning of health for Iranian elderly: A qualitative content analysis
Author(s): Mohammad Fathi, Sina Valiee, Shoaleh Shami and Gader Salehnejad

Iraqi nurses' perceptions of working in a maternity unit
Author(s): Shahrzad Ghiyasvandian1, Tiran Jamil Piro2* and Mahvash Salsali

Nursing Professional Regulation: Rodgers' evolutionary concept analysis
Author(s): Frough Rafii, Fatemeh Oskouie, Soroor Parvizy, Nooredin Mohammadi and Raziyeh Ghafouri

Nurses’ lived experience of Strategies for tackling with moral challenges in caring for comatose patients: A phenomenological study
Author(s): Jamal Seidi, Alireaza Nikbakht Nasrabadi, Kian Zobeiry and Nasrin Aliramaei

Accommodating autonomous; chronic patients' meaning of autonomy in clinical setting in Iranian in-patients: A grounded theory study
Author(s): Hossein Ebrahimi, Efat Sadeghian, Nayemeh Seyedfatemi, Eesa Mohammadi and Azim Azizi

The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence among Students at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences with a Concentration on Improvement of Social Relations
Author(s): Azizollah Arbabisarjou, Nasrin Hesabi, Reza Homaei, Khaled Omeidi, Fereshteh Ghaljaei and Nabileh Arish

The Effect of Care Plan Application Based on Roy’s Adaptation Model on The Spiritual Well-Being of Elderly People in Urmia Nursing Homes.
Author(s): Esmaiel Maghsoodi, Masoomeh Hemmati Maslak Pak and Omid Naseri

Investigating the Fish Consumption and Some Related Factors among Households under Coverage Care-Health Centers
Author(s): Hassan Robabi, Mitra Sotoudeh, Farzaneh Jahantigh and Atefeh Zadeh Shahraki

An Analysis of Grammatical Tense in Persian and English Translations of Surah Yusuf
Author(s): Mehrzad Mansouri and Marzieh Afshari

Post-traumatic growth, hope, and depression in elderly cancer patients
Author(s): Mehdi Heidarzadeh, Behrouz Dadkhah and Mehri Gholchin

The role of adult attachment dimensions and body image in sexual function of married female students
Author(s): Mehdi Rahimi, Mina Mosallayi Poor Yazdi and Hamid Naderi

Multimedia, teaching method that has been neglected: A systematic review
Author(s): Behzad habibipour, Arash khalili, Masoumeh Davodi, Mohammad Shafie Talebiyanpour and Noshin Mobaser

Investigating the Effect of using Mentha pulegium Powder in Controlling Non-Bacterial Diarrhea in Adults
Author(s): Masoomeh Davoodi, Arash khalili , Mohammad Shafie Talebiyanpour, Afiyeh Naderi Dareshori, Karim Kheradmand and Soamyeh Bashti6

Nurses’ Immigration: Causes and Problems
Author(s): Sousan Valizadeh, Hadi Hasankhani1 and Vahid Shojaeimotlagh

Assessing the Level of Development in Selected Cities in Razavi Khorasan province in Iran with an Approach to Health Indicators
Author(s): Ahmed Arabkhani, Ghahraman Mahmodi, Soleyman Saravani and Ghasem Abedi

Use of LDA combined with PLS for classification of lung cancer gene expression data
Author(s): Keyghobad Ghadiri, Mansour Rezaei, Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaei, Meisam Shahsavari and Soodeh Shahsavari

Assessment the relationship between Testis Cancer incidence and mortality rate with human development index in the European countries in 2012
Author(s): Mujtaba Shuja, Mehran Shams, Mahin Ghafari, Ali Asghar Valipour, Mahdi Mohammadian, Khadijah Allah Bakeshei, Mohammad Aryaie,Pezhman Bagheri, Fatemeh Allah Bakeshei, Turan Taghizade and Abdollah Mohammadian-Hafshejani

An investigation of tenses in Persian and English translation of Al Rahman and Yasin Surah
Author(s): Mehrzad Mansouri and Marzieh Afshari

The effect of triage training on the performance of triage nurses and emergency medical staff of Iranshahr
Author(s): Mohammad Ebrahimi, Nezar Ghanbarzehi, Zaytoon Ghanbarzahi Gorgich, Fatemeh Darban and Fatemeh shirzadi

The comparison of the impact of lavender and Valerian aromatherapy on reduction of the active phase among Nulliparous women: A double blind randomized controlled trial
Author(s): Mahin Kamalifard, Abbas Delazar, Nilofar Satarzade, Mojgan Mirghafourvand and Rana Dousti5

Prevalence of ESβL types TEM, SHV, CTX in isolates of Salmonella, Citrobacter and Enterobacter spp. from patients feaces in Tabriz
Author(s): Mohammad Taghi Akhi, Elmira Najafi Nasab, Reza Ghotaslou, Tahere Pirzadeh, Mohammad Asgharzadeh, Pourya Gholizadeh, Aylin Esmailkhani, Vida Sorayaei Somehsaraei and Aydin Akhi

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and adherence to treatment regimens in Patients with Cardiovascular Disorders, Iranshahr, Iran
Author(s): Fatemeh Darban, Enatollah Safarzayi, Edrisa Kouhsari and Reza Karamzehi

Comparison of IL-13 and IL-27 levels between schizophrenics and healthy subjects before and after antipsychotic administration
Author(s): Ali Alidadi, Hossein Ali Khazaei, Babak Nakhjavan Shahraki, Salar Andarzi, Arman Jalili, Ali Mirzaei, Ali Shahraki, Salah Hajinejad, and Seyed Mehdi Hashemi

The effect of life skills training on the Kerman city border women social health
Author(s): Salehyan Maryam, Bahramnejad Ali and Nouzar Nakhaee

A comparative study of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in malignant tumors and fibrocystic lesions of the breast
Author(s): Zarichehr Vakili, Syed Alireza Moraveji, Tahereh Khamechian, Hasan Ehteram, Mahzad Erami and Sepideh Abdi Soofi

Examining the relationship between psychological security, emotional maturity, and attachment styles and marital adjustment
Author(s): Maryam Jafari Senejani, Taher Tiz Dast and Abdol Hasan Farhangi

The Effect of Logo Therapy on Life Orientation of Cancer Patient
Author(s): Shifteh Shahabi

Investigating Knowledge and Attitude of Hospital Manages of Medical Sciences Department of Iranshahr toward Strategic Planning, 2016
Author(s): Mirbalouchzehi Ali, Yazdandoust Mehran, Abdolhakim Ghanbarzehi, Khammarnia Mohammad and Dadkhah Seydamalek

The Effectiveness of Schema Therapy on Reducing Symptoms of Emotional Breakdown
Author(s): Razieh Mouchan, Bahman Bahmani and Amir Askari

The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Happiness with the Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence
Author(s): Mehrnoush Mohammadi and Mohammad reza Firoozi

The Role of Attachment Styles and Resilience on Loneliness
Author(s): Shahla Pakdaman, Seyed Hassan Saadat, Shima Shahyad, Khodabakhsh Ahmadi and Milad Hosseinialhashemi

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