International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)
ISSN: 2319-5886 Indexed in: ESCI (Thomson Reuters)

Volume 6, Issue 7

Uterine Leiomyosarcoma in a Patient with Classic Presentation of Ovarian Cancer: A Case Report
Author(s): Corbo AM, White MP, Valant R, Gismondi J and Buhl A

Updates on the Conflict of Postoperative Radiotherapy Impact on Survival of Young Women with Cancer Breast: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Author(s): Hassan Mohamed Eweidah, Anis Sameh Hanna, Ahmed Mohamed Eweidah, and Hazem Abdullah El-Sheikh

The Relation Between Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Ghrelin
Author(s): Sema Çalapkorur, Eda Köksal

Mediterranean Diet in Prevention of Chronic Diseases
Author(s): Pelin Meryem and Sert Havva

Sickle Beta Plus Thalassemia Presenting as Acute Pancreatitis – A Case Report
Author(s): Lalit Mohan Bhardwaj, Bhattacharyya PC and Swapnav Borthakur

Breast Abscess: A Brief Communication
Author(s): Pradipta Das and Abhishek Singh Nayyar

Detection of Outliers in Regression Model for Medical Data
Author(s): Stephen Raj S and Senthamarai Kannan K

The Profile of Tooth and Gingival Crevicular Fluid Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 in Different Dental Diseases
Author(s): Mutlak Shaimaa S, Hasan Najat A and Al-Hijazi Athraa Y

Pilomatrixoma in the Parotid Region - A Case Report
Author(s): Meena Patil, Ravi swami

Efficacy of Heartfulness Meditation in Moderating Vital Parameters - A Comparison Study of Experienced and New meditators
Author(s): Raja Amarnath G, Prasanthi J, Natwar Sharma, Sugirtha Jenitha, and Chitra Rajan

Validity of Modified Ballard Score after 7 Days of Life
Author(s): Dhiman Arshpreet

Study of Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in 100 Cases of Abruptio Placentae
Author(s): Lalit D Kapadia and Bindeeya Dhrangiya

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