International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)
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Volume 7, Issue 6

Comparative Study between Supervised and Unsupervised Exercise Program for Cervical Spondylosis
Author(s): Ahmed Abdelmoniem Ibrahim, Ehab Mohamed Kamel Waleed Salah Eldin Mahmoud and Mohamed Raafat Mohamed Atteya

Comparative Analysis of Effects of Herbal Drugs and Analgesics on Chronic Kidney Disease Pattern in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Fahaad SH Alenazi, Mohammed Qumani Ahmed, Mohd Adnan Kausar, Shahid SMA, Awdah M. Al-hazimi and Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

The Influence of Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs on Vas Deferens in Mice
Author(s): Mehmet Hanifi Tanyeri, Mehmet Emin Buyukokuroglu, Pelin Tanyeri, Oguz Mutlu, Furuzan Yildiz Akar, Guner Ulak and Bekir Faruk Erden

Quality of Life among Group of Iraqi Patients with Oral Cancer after Surgical Treatment at Different Time Intervals
Author(s): Maha Jamal Abbas, Nadia Aftan Al-Rawi and Ghada I. Al-Duboni

Pathophysiological Effects of Azorubine on Female Reproductive Organs and Hormones in Sprague Dawley® Rat
Author(s): Faraidoon Abdul Sattar Muhamad Amin

Effects of Adipokinetic Hormone/Red Pigment-Concentrating Hormone (AKH/RPCH) Family of Peptides on Uterine Contraction
Author(s): Oguz Mutlu, Pelin Tanyeri, Nermin Akdemir, Mehmet Emin Buyukokuroglu, Furuzan Akar, Guner Ulak and Faruk Erden

Oxidative Stress and Dyslipidemia as Indicators of Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia in Pregnant Sudanese Women
Author(s): Hafiz Ahmed Hobiel and Hani Yousif Zaki Tadros

Oral Finding and Cytomorphometric Analysis of Oral Mucosal Cells in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Author(s): Rouaa S. Farhan and Layla Sabri Yas

Antibiotics in ICU: The Challenges of Use, Cost and Response in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Author(s): Rawshan Ara Perveen, Morshed Nasir, Nadia Farha and Mohammad Ashraful Islam

Mechanisms Underlying the Relaxation Induced by Bradykinin in Rat Aorta
Author(s): Chinar M. Mohammed and Omar A.M. Al-Habib

Fabrication and Investigation of Commercial Pure Titanium/Bioactive Glass Ceramic as a Material for Dental Implant
Author(s): Ghazwan Al-Kinani and Raghdaa K Jassim

Patterns of Plain Radiographic Findings among Patients with Chest Trauma in Awka, Nigeria
Author(s): Michael E. Aronu, Chisolum O. Okafor and Samuel I. Udobi

A Study on Profile of Allergens and the Severity of FEV1 in Allergy Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre in Mangalore, India
Author(s): Firoz A Hakkim, Rajesh V, Giridhar, Nandakishore B and Shibina S

Constructive Disruption in Medical Education
Author(s): Suban Mohammed Gouse Saleem and Helen Suban Mohammed Gouse

Assessment of the Healthy Women by Detection and Determination of Cells in Conventional Pap Stained Cervical Smear Images
Author(s): Huda Hameed Alabbody, Inam Jasim Lafta, Safana Abdulsttar Yaseen and Zahraa Adnan Al-Ghuraibawi

A Review on the Etiology of Oral Cancer in Saudi Arabia
Author(s): Abdelbaset Mohamed Elasbali and Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

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