International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)
ISSN: 2319-5886 Indexed in: ESCI (Thomson Reuters)

Volume 6, Issue 11

Perceptions and Attitudes of Primary Healthcare Providers in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia, towards the Promotion of Physical Activity
Author(s): Sameer Al-Ghamdi, Mansour Alajmi, Ali Al-Gonaim, Saad Al-Juhayyim, Saad Al-Qasem and Ibrahim Al-Tamimi

Dentoskeletal Overjet Measurements of Iraqi Adult Sample with Different Skeletal Jaw Relationship
Author(s): Shahbaa A Mohammed, Ali M Al-Attar and Ahmed Fadhil Faiq Al-Jarad

The Effect of Implant Screw Coating with Nano-Hydroxyapatite and Magnesium Chloride Mixture on Osseointegration: Biomechanical and Histological Study
Author(s): Raghdaa K Jassim, Zena Ali Abdul Rahman and Abdalbasit A Fatihallah

Tumour Induced Osteomalacia: An Often-Missed Cause of Chronic Hypophosphatemia
Author(s): Tushar Dhakate, Abhishek Dixit, Shweta Khurana and Billa V

Effect of Icon and Bond Type on Shear Bond Strength: An In vitro Study
Author(s): Ahmed M Yousif AL-Mayali

The Effect of Toxoplasma gondii on Interleukin-8, Interleukin-10, Leukotriene B4 and Calcium Levels in Aborted Women
Author(s): Khalil Ismail A. Mohamed, Mohammed Sami Khadhum, Huda Q. Mohammed Abu-Al-Ess, Saad Hasan Mohammed Ali, Suha A. Al-Fukhar, Wifaq M. Ali Al-Wattar, Salim R. Hamoudi and Jinan M. Mousa

Annual Screening Mammogram and its Relation to Breast Density
Author(s): Sabek EAS, Saleh GM and Salem HT

Evaluation of Microbial Contamination of Mobile Phone among Dentists in College of Dentistry in Baghdad University
Author(s): Batool H. Al-Ghurabi, Nidhal H. Ghaib, Ahmed A Abbas, Batol K. Al-Musawi, Nada S. Hassain and Zainab H. Al-Ghurabi

Assessment of Subclinical Cardiovascular Abnormalities in Type 1 Diabetic Children with Normal LDL Levels
Author(s): Reham M. Wagdy, Ahmed Abu Gabel, Omar F. El Azzouni and Rasha Abdel Munem

A Rare Case of Second Trimester Uterine Rupture in Unscarred Uterus
Author(s): Poonam Kashyap, Sudha Prasad and Chandra Bhushan Singh

The Study of Eating Disorders and Body Image Among Elite Martial Arts Athletes
Author(s): Morteza Taheri, Khadijeh Irandoust, Masoomeh Razipoor

Prevalence of Cytomegalovirus in Iraqi Children
Author(s): Sevan Najem Alwan, Atheer Jawad Al-Saffar, Ali Hattem Bayati, Haider Sabah Kadhim, Hala Sameh Arif, Avan Hussein Ghaib, Luay Ibraheem Alrawi, Saadoon Abed Abdulrudha, Ahmed Hasan Mohammed, Bestoon Muhammad Saeed and Brian L. Wickes

Potential Effect of 2% Chlorhexidine Gel in the Implant Screw Hole on Bacterial Count
Author(s): Abd Khudair Ali, Ali Basima GH and Al-Mizraqchi Abbas S

Haemophilus influenzae Strains in Tunisian Children
Author(s): Mzilem Sabrine, Smaoui Hanen and Kechrid Amel

Correlation of BRAF V600E Mutation in Peripheral Blood Smears of Hairy Cell Leukemia with Morphology and Immunophenotyping
Author(s): Narges Jafarzadeh, Kamran Ghaffarzadehgan, Reza Ziaolhagh, Hossein Rahimi, Arash Faal, Maryam Jafari-Rad, Hamid R Hashemian and Farid Farrokhi

Novel Electron Spin Resonance-Enzyme Immunosorbent Assay for Detecting Occult Hepatitis B Infection in HCV Chronic Liver Disease
Author(s): Hala Badawi, Hitoshi Togashi, Moataz Hassan, Moataz Siam, Ehab El Dabaa, Mohamed Saber, Manal Said, and Sumio Kawata

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment of Primary Dysmenorrhea and Related Factors: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Author(s): Dario Zecchillo, Andrea Acquati, Alessandro Aquino, Viviana Pisa, Stefano Uberti and Silvia Ratti

Efficacy of Morin as a Potential Therapeutic Phytocomponent: Insights into the Mechanism of Action
Author(s): Amarendranath Choudhury, Indrajeet Chakraborty, Tuhin Subhra Banerjee, Dhilleswara Rao Vana and Dattatreya Adapa

Neuropharmacological Consequences of Variant Drugs
Author(s): Mahnoor Amjad Butt, Pervez Anwar, Zeshan Ali, Zainab Razaq, Ali Numan, Kinza Tahir, Iqra Awan, Momina Abid, Ahsan Khan, Sibgha-Tur-Rehman and Sania Ibrar

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