International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences (IJMRHS)
ISSN: 2319-5886 Indexed in: ESCI (Thomson Reuters)

Volume 5, Issue 12

Examine the Relationship between Blood Groups and Intercity Driving Jobs in Iran
Author(s): Majid Tajik, Mokhtar Malakpour, and Jamalodin Ghaznavi Bidgoli

The Effect Specialization and Diversification Involvement on Learning of Sports Skills According To Deliberate Practice and Deliberate Play
Author(s): Mahdi Fahimi, Mahdi Sohrabi, Hamidreza Taheri, Masumeh Shojaei

Determining the Relation between General Health and Educational Progress among Paramedical Faculty’s Students of Tehran Medical University
Author(s): Hossein Dargahi, Zohreh Jalilian, SeyedeFateme Hosseini, Soheil Mokhtari and Nasim Hatefi_Moadab

Effects of education on exercise (physical activity) performance of pregnant women
Author(s): Maryam Rezaeyan, Habibeh Morteza, Parichehr Khedri, and Maryam Mehrabi

Statistical Modeling for Analyzing Growth Using Weight and Height of Thai Children Aged 0-8.5 Years in the Prospective Cohort Study in the South of Thailand
Author(s): Apiradee Lim, Sampurna Kakchapati, Niruhaning Nitayarak, Ladda Mo-suwan and Pasuree Sangsupawanich, and Fatina Samae

Comparing the Effect of Simulation and Video-based Education on Mothers’ Self-Efficacy in Bathing Preterm Infants
Author(s): Asadollahi Maliheh, Jebraeili Mahnaz, Mohammadpoorasl Asghar, Shamshiri Mahmood, and Karimipoor Roghayeh

Prevalence of sexual dysfunction among women using contraceptive methods
Author(s): Hosein Hamadiyan, Mohaddese Asadpour Ghasem Oladi, Pouran Rahbar, and Mohsen Azad

A rare case of Plica syndrome of the knee
Author(s): Karim Sharifi and Mozaffar Mahmoodi

Evaluation of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Adolescence with Excessive Computer Game Players
Author(s): Anita alaghmand, Hamid Reza Jamiliani, Arezo Kiani, Maryam keypour

Comparison of the Effects of Metformin and Oral Contraceptives (Cyproterone Compound) on Serum Lipid Profiles in Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Author(s): Fariba Farhadifar, Sholeh Shahgheibi, Abdolrahim Afkhamzade, and Somayeh Adaei

Determination of Alanine concentration in Alanine-supercritical water mixture, using UNIQUAC methods and density functional theory
Author(s): Vahid mohammadrezaee, Mahmoud Ebrahimi, Safar Ali Beyramabadi

Comparison of the effectiveness of equal doses of short and long-acting erythrocyte stimulating agents for managing anemia in chronic kidney disease adult patients
Author(s): Abdulmalik Alkatheri, Abdelkareem Albekairy, Yousef Al-Rajhi, Shamylan Al-Harbi, Khalifah Alkhamees, Fayez F. Hejaili, Rami Bustami, Wesam Abdel-Razaq, Amjad M. Qandil and Mahmoud Mansour

The Mechanical Behavior Variation of Nickel - Titanium Orthodontic Wires in Different Fluoride Mouthwash
Author(s): Ilnaz haj Hemati, Farzaneh lal Alizadeh, Mustafa Kazemi, Sahar Irani and Mahdi Sohrabi

Evaluation of the Frequency of Upper and Lower Extremity Injuries in Victims of Road Traffic Accidents Referred to Shahid Rajaee Trauma Hospital during March-August 2015
Author(s): Sadrollah Mahmoudi, Mohammad Kalantari Meibodi, Samira Esfandiari, and Masiha Salehiniya

Investigating the Effect of Teacher Training Program on Understanding Teachers’ Supportive Behaviors by Students with Diabetes
Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Maleki, Sedigheh Talakoub and Parvaneh Abazari

Investigating the Impact of the Use of Mobile Educational Software in Increase of Learning of Dentistry Students
Author(s): Abdolreza Gilavand and Mohammad Shooriabi

Studying Patient Safety Culture from the Viewpoint of Nurse in educational hospitals Ilam City
Author(s): Milad Borji, Sedigheh Molavi, Ebrahim Salimi and Yosra Bastami

Effect of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation coupled with rehabilitation in limb girdle muscular dystrophy – A case report
Author(s): Sharma Alok, Sane Hemangi, Kulkarni Pooja, Mehta Dhara, Kaur Jasbinder, Gokulchandran Nandini, Bhagwanani Khushboo and Badhe Prerna

Theoretical study on the interaction of pregabalin and olanzapine with DNA
Author(s): Ziba Hooshiar Sodagar, Mohammad Reza Bozorgmehr, Ali Morsali

Service Line Management: A New Paradigm in Health Care System
Author(s): Rafat Rezapour Nasrabad

Cutoff point amniotic fluid index and pregnancy prognosis in the third trimester of pregnancy in Shariati Hospital of Bandar Abbas in 2013-14
Author(s): AzinAlavi, Najmesadat Mosallanezhad,Hosein Hamadiyan, Mohammad Amin Sepehri Oskooe and Keivan Dolati

Correlation of haematocrit and smoking score with severity of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Author(s): Abdul Hasshim K P and Muhammed Anas A

Evaluation of CO2 laser irradiation effect on enamel microhardness after incipient caries creation
Author(s): Loghman Rezaei-Soufi, Amirfarhang Miresmaeili, Farshid Vahdatinia, FarshidAkbarian Azar and Seyed Mostafa Hosseini

Comparison of fractional excretion of sodium, uric acid and urea nitrogen in diagnosis of pediatric acute prerenal failure
Author(s): Saeid Mohajeri, Nasrin Khakbazan, Mohammad Reza Sharif and Davood Kheirkhah

A Comprehensive Approach in Recruitment and Employment Policies for Faculty Members: A Critical Review
Author(s): Soleiman Ahmady, Farin Tatari, Shahram Yazdani and Seyed Ali Hosseini

The effects of vitamin A on acute watery diarrhea in children 1-5 years old
Author(s): Davood Kheirkhah, Mohammad Reza Sharif, Parisa Honarpisheh and Alireza Sharif

The effect of cognitive functional therapy in low back pain due to postural scoliosis: A randomized controlled trial
Author(s): Ahmed Mohamed Elshiwi, Hamada Ahmed Hamada, Hoda M. Zakaria and Walaa M. Ragab

Determining the role of mother race in neonatal outcome of trisomies 21, 18 and 13 using cell free DNA analysis
Author(s): Najmie Saadati, Razieh Mohammad Jaafari, Mojgan Barati, Maria Cheraghi, Gholamreza Shariati and Maedeh Sohani

Caffeine Consumption among Medical Interns and Association with GPA in Makkah Region
Author(s): Alsharif Mohammed H, Bardisi Mahmoud M, BazAhmad A,EidMamoud A, Kinsara, Abdulrahman F, Almadani Mahmood Z, Alserifi Malik M and Tawakkul Qusai A

The Role of Marital Burnout and Early Maladaptive Schemas in Marital Satisfaction between Young Couples
Author(s): Arghavan Kebritchi, Shahram Mohammadkhani

Impact of smoking on aerobic capacity in young adult smokers
Author(s): Ahmed Abdelmoniem Ibrahim

Changing spectrum of renal disease in HIV
Author(s): R. Sunil, R. Sandeep, V. Mahesh, R. Chethana, S. Sarath Reddy and K.V. Subbarao

Evaluation nurses' professional behavior and its relationship with organizational culture and commitment in 2015
Author(s): Alise Khachian, Mansoureh Ashghali Farahani, Hamid Haghani, and Marziyeh Ahmadi Tameh

Diagnostic dilemma in reckoning cytomegaloviral infection is prompting increased mortality among abandoned newborns of India
Author(s): Aroni Chatterjee, Lopamudra Mishra, Agniswar Sarkar, Rajendra P Chatterjee, Sabbir Ansari, Mala Bhattacharya and Nilanjan Chakraborty

Current Roles and Applications of Electronic Health Record in the Healthcare System
Author(s): Odekunle Florence F.

Assessment of disaster planning in humanitarian supply chain management (HSCM), Khuzestan: 2012
Author(s): Effat Jahanbani, Sedighe Ghobadian, Ehsan Moradi-Joo, Sajjad Rostami, Maryam Drikvand

The level of professional socialization of nursing students of Ilam University of Medical Sciences in 2016
Author(s): Masoumeh Otaghi, Milad Borji, Hossein Tahmasebi and Sasan Navkhasi

Postural control and balance assessment in children 15 years old with type 1 diabetes
Author(s): Radwa S. Abdul-Rahman, Anees S. Ghait, Abdel Aziz Ali Sherief and Amr AboGazy

Relationship between type of nutrition and infantile colic
Author(s): Davood Kheirkhah, Mohammad Reza Sharif, Mostafa Haji Rezaei, and Abbas Taghavi Ardakani

Anti - Aspergillus flavus Activity of Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus acidilactici Isolated from Breast Milk
Author(s): Sedighi-Khavidak Samaneh, Rabbani Khorasgani Mohammad, Emtiazi Giti and Mazloum-Ardakani Mohammad

The Effect of Sexual Satisfaction on the Quality of Life on Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
Author(s): Milad Borji, Sedigheh Molavi, and Zeinab Rahimi

Comparison of personality traits and attribution styles among runaway and normal girls in Tehran
Author(s): Roya Yaghoubi, Mohammad Hakami and Tahere Ranjbaripoor

A new Ni(II) complex as a novel and efficient recyclable catalyst for the synthesis of pyrano[2,3-d]pyrimidines
Author(s): M. Habibi Kheirabadi, S. Allameh, S. A. Beiramabadi, M. Pordel, A. Morsali and M. Khashi

The Effect of Benson's Relaxation on depression, anxiety and stress in patients undergoing hemodialysis
Author(s): Masoumeh Otaghi, Milad Borji, Sadegh Bastami, and Leila Solymanian

Social functioning increase after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in patients with recurrent major depression
Author(s): Pirmoradi Mohammadreza, Rostami Reza, Ghayyomi Raoofeh and Khomami Sanaz

Difference in implant measurements made on cone beam computed tomography scans taken with and without radiographic stent
Author(s): Bahareh Purtaji, Mehrdad Panjnoush, Ahmadreza Shamshiri and Mehrnaz Purtaji

The Effect of Short-term Intraperitoneal Injection of Fe2O4Zn Nanoparticle on Liver Enzymes and Tissue in Male Wistar Laboratory Rats
Author(s): Somayeh Saadi, Zahra Hooshmandi, GhodousFathi and Farzaneh Janmohammadi

Epidemiological assessment of influenza (H1N1- A) in patients hospitalized in Tohid hospital in Sanandaj, Iran during 2013-2014
Author(s): Houshiyar Ghafouri, Mohammad Saeed Hakhamaneshi, Ataollah Haydari, Chiman Kalami, and Fardin Gharibi

Effective risk factors in Development of multiple sclerosis disease in Kermanshah
Author(s): Mohammadi M, Shetabi H, Ahmadi A, Boragh N, Shokoohi A and Safari SH

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